Spirit Energy features Corrodere Academy certification

Source: press release, 23 June 2021

Central Morecambe platform
Central Morecambe platform (photo: Spirit Energy)

The Corrodere Academy has announced that their globally recognised and accredited Train the painter programme now features in the Spirit Energy – Fabric Maintenance Coating specification for Morecambe Hub.

It states that:

Operatives shall have a traceable, track record over a two (2) year period of working in Fabric Maintenance or the coatings Industry. The record shall be supported by Train the Painter applicator assessment certification.

On & Offshore, Passive Fire Protection (PFP):
Operatives shall have a traceable, track record over a two (2) year period in the application of PFP system. The record shall be supported by Train the Painter PFP applicator assessment certificate.

Supervision shall demonstrate continual professional development within the coating Industry, preferably over a 5-year period. Competency may be supported by vocational training such as Train the Painter training schemes but in all instances the supervisor shall hold a letter of validation by the employing company.

Coating Inspectors shall have sufficient and continuing professional development in the Inspection of coatings over a minimum 5-year period. They shall be certified as a level 3, Senior Coating Inspector and have held the certification for five years. Certification may be from NACE, FROSIO or ICorr.

Corrodere Academy Commercial Director, Lucy Pavia, states, “Being featured in the Spirit Energy spec for such a prominent project, verifies the journey Train the painter has been on. It reinforces the hard work our students put in to learning skills by a recognised and professional platform.”

She continues, “as training providers, we provide businesses with the knowledge to develop their business and staff, but also the tools to ensure they can actively promote themselves. Writing templates to aid with job tendering and providing marketing support, increases their own brand as well as that of the Corrodere Academy. This is something which is extremely important to the business and those who learn with us.”

As a prospective contractor to Spirit Energy if you require any further information about how to meet the specified training requirements, contact Lucy Pavia via lucy@corrodere.com.