Kongsberg Digital adds Recogni as a new partner on the Kognifai Marketplace

Source: press release, 28 June 2021

Recogni’s energy efficiency tool is now available on the Kognifai Marketplace – it can reduce fuel consumption by more than 15%
Recogni’s energy efficiency tool is now available on the Kognifai Marketplace – it can reduce fuel consumption by more than 15% (photo: Remøy Shipping)

Kongsberg Digital has signed a partnership agreement with Recogni to add their Blue Power EMS application to the Kognifai Marketplace. The application, which is big data based, is an energy efficiency tool that can reduce fuel consumption with more than 15%.

Blue Power EMS will help ship owners and operators to reduce fuel consumption by combining operational data from the vessel with weather data, such as ocean currents and wave height. The crew receives optimal parameters, like best speed and engine configuration, in real time, on a dashboard on the bridge. Furthermore, the data collected from the ship is logged and can be used for reporting, comparison, and learning.

“Recogni is an innovative, well renowned company that we are pleased to partner with at a time when the maritime industry is under vast pressure to cut emissions, take control of fuel consumption and report accordingly,” says Eirik Næsje, Senior Vice President of Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital. “Due to low margins, there is also a need to find smart and cost-effective ways to optimise operations. Blue Power EMS has proven to be a valuable tool for this and will be well received on the Kognifai marketplace.”

Blue Power EMS uses Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight infrastructure to collect real time data from the ship’s AIS, GPS and other relevant sources, such as flow meters. Intelligent algorithms use this information, together with worldwide weather data to account for sea state, to calculate recommendations for the most efficient operations. To make all aspects of the solution relevant, all recommendations are tailored to each vessel, according to specific requirements and operations.

“Kongsberg Digital is a leader in the digitalisation of the maritime industry, and we are very pleased to partner with them to help the industry become more efficient and sustainable through digitalisation,” says Stian Grønning, CEO, Recogni. “For the maritime and offshore industry there is a need to demonstrate real action on fuel efficiency and environmental measures to win contracts. Blue Power EMS is the perfect tool to get control of fuel consumption, and I am confident it will benefit Kognifai’s Vessel Insight subscribers.”

Blue Power EMS will be available to Vessel Insight subscribers on the Kognifai Marketplace from August 2021.