AFRY strengthens its storage power projects credentials

Source: press release, 6 July 2021

Ernst Zeller, Regional Director of AFRY Austria GmbH
Ernst Zeller, Regional Director of AFRY Austria GmbH (photo: AFRY)

Ellomay Pumped Storage Ltd (Ellomay PS) has awarded AFRY with Owner’s Engineering services for the Manara pumped storage power plant in Israel. The project will create a green battery and a hot reserve for the Israel Electric Company (IEC).

The Government of Israel, through the Electricity Authority (IEA) and IEC, is encouraging the private sector to initiate and operate private alternative power systems. As part of this initiative, Ellomay Pumped Storage (2014) Ltd. will build and operate the Manara Pumped Storage Power Plant. Ellomay Pumped Storage is a special purpose company of the Israel-based company Ellomay Capital Ltd. working in the renewable energy and power sector both in Europe and in Israel. They have received a provisional license from the State of Israel and signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with IEC.

The Manara power station will be located in the Upper Galilee region of Northern Israel, adjacent to the Lebanese border and overlooking the Hula Valley. It will have an installed capacity of 156 MW and will serve as a hot reserve for the Israel Electric Company (IEC) for times of high demand, during which it is required to supply high production capacities. The scheme for daily electricity production of the power station will be determined by IEC, who will dispatch the power station for the supply of electricity to the grid in accordance with its needs.

AFRY’s assignment covers the owner’s engineering services for Ellomay PS. AFRY will play a pivotal role in ensuring timely cost and quality fulfilment for the owner, working closely with the EPC contractor, Electra Infrastructure Ltd. In addition to the site activities, AFRY will review the full design and will support the client during the commissioning of the project.

The overall schedule for AFRY’s services is about 60 months. This continues AFRY’s outstanding track record in the development and design of Pumped Storage Power Plants (PSPP) globally.

“Pumped storage power is an important part of the transition to a completely renewable energy system. We are delighted to contribute to the energy transition through this important infrastructure project and we are committed to bringing it into construction and operation in due time. This award further strengthens our leading position in the design of pumped storage power plants worldwide with the goal to become No. 1 in this sector”, says Ernst Zeller, Regional Director of AFRY Austria GmbH.