EEVEE reveals tesla drivers in europe are spending only EUR 81 per month on charging

Source: press release, 7 July 2021

The EEVEE Driver app provides a holistic overview of their total charging costs all in one place
The EEVEE Driver app provides a holistic overview of their total charging costs all in one place (photo: EEVEE Mobility)

The average Tesla driver in Europe spends EUR 81 per month charging their car, according to data from EEVEE Mobility. Harnessing data from 1884 active users of the EEVEE Driver app across Europe, the company also found that the cost of charging equates to EUR 0.21 per kilowatt-hour of electricity.

The average distance driven per month by EEVEE users is 1,652 km. Based on an average fuel price of EUR 1.40 per litre with fuel consumption of 5.1 L/100 km, the cost of travelling the same distance in a petrol car would be EUR 118, representing a saving of EUR 37 for Tesla drivers.

The EEVEE Driver app is an indispensable tool for electric vehicle (EV) owners who want to know how much they’re really spending on charging. It is the only service that connects directly with vehicles to unlock real-time data on consumption, cost and efficiency. By tracking spending at each charging location, EEVEE also makes it easy for company EV drivers to declare charging costs and have them reimbursed.

EEVEE Mobility founder, Steffen Brans, says, “Here at EEVEE, we believe that transparency in charging costs is essential to drive EV adoption. This data begins to paint a picture of the real-world behaviour of EV owners and in doing so highlights one of the key benefits of EV ownership – lower running costs.”

“We always knew that it’s cheaper to fill your car up with electricity rather than petrol, but thanks to EEVEE, we now know exactly how much it is costing drivers to charge their EVs. As a Tesla owner myself, these findings are incredibly useful, and I look forward to seeing how the data evolves as cars from different manufacturers become compatible with EEVEE,” continues Brans.

Additional data gathered by EEVEE provides further insights into the EV ownership experience over the last 2 years.

Among European EEVEE users who charge their vehicles at home, work or in public, three quarters (75%) of charging is done at home, compared to 14% at work and 11% in public.

Regardless of where users charge, the EEVEE Driver app provides a holistic overview of their total charging costs all in one place. It also ensures that company EV drivers are not left out of pocket as a result of charging at home or public chargers for work purposes. The app generates reports for users which can be sent automatically to the accounting department of their employer, making it possible to accurately claim back charging costs.

As well as being fully GDPR compliant, EEVEE has implemented strong measures to ensure personal or vehicle data cannot be accessed by third parties without permission. The app connects to vehicles using an API token – a “virtual key” provided by the manufacturer. Users can revoke access to this at any time by changing their password.

To date, the EEVEE Driver app has been downloaded over 50,000 times, with users in 47 countries. As well as Tesla, the app recently became compatible with electric models from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, with more brands expected to join in future.