Turbine validation underway at Galloper Offshore Wind Farm

Source: press release, 12 July 2021

ZX TM installed at Galloper Wind Farm for RWE Power Performance Test of SGRE 6 MW (photo: ZX Lidars)

RWE, one of the world’s leading renewable companies has confirmed the commencement of Power Performance Testing of their turbines at Galloper Offshore Wind Farm utilising the Nacelle Based Lidar ZX TM from ZX Lidars.

ZX TM allows the power curve of wind turbines to be measured and verified as a function of the hub height wind speed and replaces the need for using a meteorological mast and anemometry installation as described in the IEC61400-12-1:2017 (ed. 1/ed. 2).

Operational rotor equivalent power curves can also be measured with ZX TM’s unique 50 points around the full rotor swept area, particularly important for turbines with larger rotor diameters offshore and on sites with complex veer or shear profiles onshore.

In October 2020 Siemens Gamesa approved the use of the nacelle based Continuous Wave scanning Lidar ZX TM from ZX Lidars for Power Performance Testing.