Updated Ultimaker Print Core CC expands opportunities for industrial applications

Source: press release, 22 July 2021

Print core CC: Hardened steel nozzle supports high-strength materials, and new 0.4-mm nozzle allows for greater detail and enhanced surface finish
Print core CC: Hardened steel nozzle supports high-strength materials, and new 0.4-mm nozzle allows for greater detail and enhanced surface finish (photo: Ultimaker)

Ultimaker, the global leader in professional 3D printing, has launched its new print core CC with a wear-resistant hardened steel nozzle for its S-line 3D printers. This allows for more print capabilities with high-strength composite materials such as carbon fibres, metals, glass, and ceramics. The print core is available in new 0.4-mm and updated 0.6-mm sizes, replacing the print core CC Red 0.6 mm. The 0.4-mm-version is well-suited for composite applications with detailed features, thinner lines and a smooth surface finish, while the wider 0.6 mm results in a faster print.

The wear-resistant print core CC is highly suitable for innovative applications that require extra stiffness and rigidity. These include, for example, functional prototypes or manufacturing tools. Furthermore, the hardened steel nozzle and titanium heat break extend the durability of the print core CC. In addition to benefiting from this updated design of our 0.6-mm nozzle print core CC, users can now also explore more intricate designs and innovations with the 0.4-mm nozzle. As the latter is a third smaller in diameter, users can print parts that require higher visual quality and accuracy, which is key for metal FFF 3D printing.

Innovating freely
Change-makers can truly develop and innovate in a way that suits their needs. The print core CC gives users the flexibility to print with more than 60 composite materials in the Ultimaker ecosystem. Furthermore, the nozzles can easily be swapped without using tools and the print core immediately appears in Ultimaker Cura. Users can then select the right print settings, ensuring maximum uptime of Ultimaker’s 3D printers. This open approach to innovation is the cornerstone of Ultimaker’s philosophy, illustrated by the company’s recent platform launch, which aims to further integrate hardware add-ons, materials, software and other services seamlessly.

John Maguire, Technical Executive, Drawing and Design office at Irish Rail, says, “What impressed us with the new print core CC was the quality of the prints – even after 1,600 print hours. We use composite materials from DSM and Covestro and get first-time right results with high dimensional accuracy, and a smooth surface finish. The reliability and longevity of the print core, and the seamless integration of third-party material print profiles available in the ecosystem, enable us to print industrial parts swiftly and effectively.”

“The print core CC 0.4 mm is very well constructed and provides the next level of accuracy when using composite materials. It allows printing smaller features with a greater level of detail compared to the 0.6 mm. In addition, the surface finishing of our CF reinforced materials get even better than before!” according to Thiago Medeiros Araujo, responsible for Market Development, 3D Printing Business Unit Customized Polymer Materials at LEHVOSS Group.

Miguel Calvo, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Ultimaker, says, “Our customers need to innovate freely; Ultimaker continues to offer new solutions to address their biggest challenges. The updated print core CC will allow innovators to print more detailed – and robust – designs with high-strength materials with greater reliability. This opens the door for more industrial use-cases for 3D printing, increasing the value this proven technology brings to manufacturers globally.”