New green partnership boosts heat recovery from geothermal wells

Source: press release, 26 July 2021

Add Energy Academy Chief Technical Officer, Terje Løkke-Sørensen
Add Energy Academy Chief Technical Officer, Terje Løkke-Sørensen (photo: Add Energy)

An international energy consultancy, service and software provider has launched a new division which applies knowledge from the oil and gas sector to carbon reduction initiatives.

Add Energy is channelling decades of technology, expertise and learning gained from delivering specialist safety and integrity management, drilling and well engineering and asset management solutions into advising and supporting companies in their quests to develop and deliver safe and efficient greener energy solutions.

As part of that drive, Add Energy has announced the completion of a frame agreement with Rock Energy Group Limited, a specialist Norwegian geothermal technology provider. This builds on a long-standing working relationship to repurpose experience and technology previously developed for oil wells to extract geothermal energy and provide sustainable heat sources.

The new frame agreement is likely to lead to the creation of new jobs within Add Energy as the popularity of the technique gains momentum not only in Norway but also in other locations where there is a particular focus on the transition from oil and gas recovery to geothermal and carbon capture storage (CCS) projects.

Rock Energy and Add Energy’s relationship began in 2013 when they collaborated on feasibility studies exploring the ability of geothermal wells to heat industrial complexes near Oslo, Norway, and office locations within the city. In recent months, concept and relationship have gone from strength to strength and the new agreement will be pivotal in exploring additional, deep geothermal wells projects across the globe.

With an established track record in supporting companies design, develop and operate CCS projects, hydrogen energy, biomass power, solar and geothermal energy, the relationship with Rock Energy is one of a number of investments which Add Energy has undertaken to maximize value to clients seeking greener energy solutions.

Rock Energy’s patented multilateral open hole well configuration connects the deep lateral wellbores together into a closed flow loop for circulation of water. The water heats up as it flows through the laterals and the heat is extracted on return to the surface by heat exchangers. This technique and well configuration boosts recoverable energy from the well which can be constructed in any hard rock country and placed near the consumers giving it huge international potential.

Commenting on the recent developments for Add Energy’s Decarbonization and Energy Transition division, Terje Løkke-Sørensen, Chief Technical Officer at Add Energy says, “By tapping into our pool of expertise and knowledge and combining this with Rock Energy’s cutting-edge geothermal technology, I believe we are uniquely positioned to help companies achieve their carbon reduction goals in the safest and most efficient way possible.”

Commenting on the renewed cooperation, Jan Edin Evensen, Chief Executive Officer at Rock Energy Group adds, “We are very pleased with Add Energy providing engineering services and support to Rock Energy’s own in-house expertise in drilling and completions.”