Akershus Energi integrates Greenbyte to support first Norwegian wind investments

Source: press release, 31 August 2021

Greenbyte’s asset management platform drives performance improvements and cost savings in renewable energy production
Greenbyte’s asset management platform drives performance improvements and cost savings in renewable energy production (illustration: Greenbyte)

Akershus Energi, a Norwegian renewable energy producer, has adopted Greenbyte’s advanced digital asset management platform to support its recent expansion into the wind energy sector.

Greenbyte will be used to monitor technical and commercial performance at Odal Vindkraftverk – a wind energy project near Oslo encompassing 34 turbines, with a total capacity of 163 MW – and will scale with the business as it adds to its renewable energy portfolio in future.

Norway has traditionally relied heavily on its extensive hydropower capacity to cater for its domestic energy consumption, but the need to diversify the national energy mix has become increasingly apparent as electricity demand grows and climate goals grow in urgency.

Akershus, an energy company with its roots in hydropower, has made a number of significant investments in wind, solar and other renewable energy technologies as it seeks to expand and diversify its portfolio of generating assets.

One of these investments is Odal Vindkraftverk, Akershus’ first wind farm, which is due to enter full commercial operation in 2022. As the first turbines start to come online in Q4, technical performance data will be pulled directly into Greenbyte, which will give the operations team complete oversight of how the wind farm is performing against expectations.

In the longer-term, data from Greenbyte will enable the team to coordinate performance optimisation efforts and preventative maintenance activities to extract as much power – and value – from the wind farm as possible.

Akershus has further recognised the need for transparency on current and future wind energy production to support its energy trading strategies. The team will make use of Greenbyte’s Wind Production Forecast tool to supply both day-ahead and 14-day forecasts that will enable Akershus to plan trading and maintenance activities based on expected future production.

“As we make our first strides into generating and selling wind energy in Norway, we need to ensure that we are doing this with both eyes open,” says Else Tjønn, O&M Engineer at Akershus Energi. “The Greenbyte platform will give us the transparency and tools we need to ensure best practice technical and commercial asset management at Odal Vindkraftverk.”

“In doing so it will help us manage risks as our renewable energy portfolio grows in scale and diversity, optimise maintenance and, most importantly, to supply clean power to the Norwegian market.”

Eva Liljendahl, Senior Sales Manager at Greenbyte, adds, “Digital asset management approaches are a prerequisite now for renewables portfolio operation – particularly in merchant markets such as Norway. It is clear that the team at Akershus has taken proactive steps to ensure that Odal Vindkraftverk is fully integrated from day one of its operational life.”

“We look forward to supporting Akershus as it continues to take bold steps forward, not only in wind, but also in solar and the wider array of renewable energy technologies,” continues Liljendahl.