STAUFF Form EVO with-effective Viton® seal

Source: press release, 21 September 2021

The STAUFF Form EVO tube forming system is completely based on standard components and is now available with a cost-effective Viton® seal
The STAUFF Form EVO tube forming system is completely based on standard components and is now available with a cost-effective Viton® seal (photo: STAUFF)

STAUFF Form becomes STAUFF Form EVO. The key difference to the tube forming system first launched in 2015: the metallic adapter ring, used up to now, with its permanently connected elastomer seal is being replaced by a “simple” FKM (Viton® seal). This is less expensive and therefore of particular interest to applications involving larger quantities, without safety being compromised.

“The principle of our forming system remains unchanged,” explains Product Manager Andreas Toporowsky. “A positive connection is formed when a screw connection is made on the formed tube using a conventional fitting body and a union nut. To a certain extent, the Viton® seal represents an additional safety element to seal off the only possible leakage path.”

As the seal is symmetrical, errors are ruled out when it is fitted to the formed end of the tube. The sealing effect of a forming system is further aided by the system pressure of the hydraulic system, so that STAUFF Form EVO, like its predecessor which continues to be available, is especially suitable for high-pressure applications.

No need to replace the forming machine
Both systems are formed with the same machines that have been used all over the world since their launch in 2015. To work with STAUFF Form EVO, the tool sets just need to be replaced and a software update installed, as the forming contour has been correspondingly adapted to the geometry of the new Viton® sealing ring.

The machines are being further developed on a continuous basis. The considerably shorter clamping lengths of 3.5-6 cm, even compared to other clamping systems, are a major benefit of the most recent generation. This allow extremely compact tube systems with narrow radii to be produced. Software updates or parameter changes can be installed online, thanks to the cloud connection developed in 2019, which can be easily retrofitted. The proven STAUFF Form system continues to be available. Customers, who wish to make use of the benefits of STAUFF Form EVO, will be individually supported with the conversion.

STAUFF Form EVO is available for steel and stainless-steel tubes with dimensions from 6 x 1.5 mm to 42 x 4 mm (Light Series) and 6 x 1.5 mm to 38 x 6 mm (Heavy Series).

STAUFF Liner: Mobile Presentation Vehicle
Companies that want to find out more about the forming system or other STAUFF products can book the STAUFF Liner. The mobile presentation vehicle is equipped with the STAUFF forming machine as standard, on which customer consultants demonstrate the use of STAUFF Form EVO including its cloud connection. The STAUFF Liner can also be equipped for other product groups and topics and booked for internal and external events, presentations, and training courses.