Aurora Energy Research and LevelTen Energy forge partnership to support PPA procurement process

Source: press release, 13 October 2021

Flemming Sørensen, LevelTen Vice President for Europe
Flemming Sørensen, LevelTen Vice President for Europe (photo: LevelTen Energy)

Aurora Energy Research, a European energy price analytics provider and advisor, and LevelTen Energy, a leading provider of renewable transaction infrastructure, have established a partnership that enables Aurora to source power purchase agreements (PPAs) for energy buyers through the LevelTen Platform.

Through the access to LevelTen’s Energy Marketplace, Aurora’s clients will be able to secure a PPA that best meets their renewable energy needs.

The partnership enables Aurora to request custom PPA proposals from LevelTen’s network of over 500 global project developers, which represents more than 1,650 wind, solar, storage and other renewable energy projects, both pre-construction and operational. These tenders can be for standard physical and virtual PPAs, as well as non-standard contract types, like baseload shape, market-following price structure, and upside-sharing model.

Thekla von Bülow, Principal and Head of PPA Sourcing at Aurora comments, “Our partnership with LevelTen is an important milestone to further expand our advisory services on PPA transactions for energy buyers across Europe. LevelTen’s platform enables us to receive, compare and select PPA suppliers’ offers in a fast and efficient way on behalf of our clients. This significantly accelerates the PPA transaction process.”

Flemming Sørensen, Vice President of Europe at LevelTen Energy comments, “Aurora Energy Research’s deep expertise on the renewable energy market is well-respected in the industry. With our new partnership, Aurora’s clients will benefit from not only their expertise, but also LevelTen Energy’s vast Energy Marketplace, which can help them explore all the options to find the best renewable energy contracts across two continents.”