Award-winning RFID solution lands first US contract

Source: press release, 18 October 2021

Susan Steyn, Vice President of Add Energy in North America
Susan Steyn, Vice President of Add Energy in North America (photo: Add Energy)

An international asset management consultancy, service and software provider has secured its first US contract for an award-winning asset tracking and management of change software solution.

Add Energy’s innovative AssetVoice™ solution has been selected by a Houston-based chemical decontamination company to track and manage critical equipment required for seamless and safe servicing of chemical plants and refineries. As well as addressing workflow management issues and invoicing support, the real-time tracking system will provide an additional layer of safety assurance by helping to ensure that equipment has been maintained correctly and is certified and safe for use in an ultra-high-temperature application.

Built-in automated change management facilitated by an Internet of Things (IoT) network whilst Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and sensors enable AssetVoice™ to track and manage the asset’s entire journey to optimise availability, integrity, and efficiency. This agile solution’s cybersecurity credentials are assured thanks to expertise sourced from the UK’s University of Salford.

Commenting on the award of the technology’s first US contract Susan Steyn, Vice President of Add Energy in North America, says, “We are delighted to roll out our cutting-edge product in the US for the first time, and we look forward to helping unlock efficiencies across our client’s accounting, operations, maintenance and warehousing departments.”

“The turnkey solution offered by AssetVoice™ is one of the many ways in which Add Energy can deliver seamless digital transformation. This is enabled by our team who manage the entire process on our client’s behalf, from sourcing the most appropriate RFID hardware tags and readers required for the assets and sites, to installing them on site and connecting the hardware to the software system,” she continues. “The result is accurate, real-time and reliable data which can be trusted; alleviating pain-points and giving users confidence to make informed, data driven decisions.”