Enzen launches innovative solar finance solutions to support UK businesses through the energy crisis

Source: press release, 21 October 2021

Head of Smart Cities and Renewable Solutions at Enzen, Joanne Horrigan
Head of Smart Cities and Renewable Solutions at Enzen, Joanne Horrigan (photo: Enzen)

Enzen, the global knowledge enterprise specialising in the energy and water sectors, has unveiled a suite of new solar finance offerings to help the UK achieve net zero amid rising energy prices.

Designed to make businesses more sustainable and self-sufficient while protecting them against the ongoing energy price crisis, the new end-to-end turnkey solutions provide smart, self-generating solar investments. All three provisions – self funded, fully funded and asset finance – include full design installation and operational maintenance to lower emissions, reduce reliance on the grid, save energy costs and safeguard bottom lines.

Joanne Horrigan, Head of Smart Cities and Renewable Solutions, at Enzen, says, “To stabilise energy supplies and drive down emissions, renewable energy roll-out must become a priority for governments and corporates, not only to meet net-zero targets but safeguard against future fluctuations in energy prices and market instability.”

“Solar is one of the quickest ways to make a large reduction in carbon footprint and improve business resilience by reducing dependency on grid energy and risk from price volatility. With the price of solar dropping, and its performance improving due to significant technology gains in recent years, it’s the perfect time to start exploring these options,” Horrigan adds.

Enzen’s fully funded solar option delivers a zero-capex solution through a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA), which offers up to 30% savings on current energy bills for a long-term fixed period. Through Enzen’s solutions businesses can achieve greater sustainability, efficiency and long-term value in how they consume and manage energy, plus the vital pricing stability needed for more accurate forecasting.

Horrigan continues, “This uncertain climate only serves to prove that when it comes to energy procurement and carbon reduction targets, becoming more self-sufficient in energy production is an infallible opportunity to get a real handle on your consumption and spend, no matter what solution you choose.”

Enzen’s solar offerings are being launched as part of its broader Smart Cities and Renewables solutions, which provide turnkey decarbonisation solutions and net-zero consultancy services for councils, cities, infrastructure, and businesses throughout the UK.