Pipelines green trends to be discussed at TOGC Congress

Source: press release, 25 October 2021

illustration: BGS Group
illustration: BGS Group

Carbon-neutral energy market in Europe requires O&G majors’ attention because it remains one of the most influencing market topics of the XXI century. The Transportation Oil and Gas Congress 2022 (TOGC 2022) gives pipeline industry representatives an opportunity to discuss development trends on 21-22, February 2022.

Environmental topics in the oil and gas market has never been as popular and emerging at the same time: alternative fuels projects that were developed before the pandemic and postponed are now being brought to life as quickly as possible. Low-carbon energy systems are receiving investments and major companies’ attention, and updated regulations have been made to guide companies in the existing projects and to bring them to life. Infrastructure systems, regulations compliance, and fuels processing are huge pipeline market sectors which should constructively work together to improve the chances for future low-carbon success. Therefore, the panel discussion and the roundtable at the TOGC 2022 will create the opportunity for the industry experts to get together in a conversation between oil and gas majors, EPC, service companies, and governmental bodies.

The second-day panel discussion is dedicated to the low-carbon energy system creation. Carbon neutrality strategies, sustainability requirements, consumptions minimisation, and the European Commission and the UN Standards are the session topics. Panel discussion format will raise delegates’ awareness of worldwide experts’ opinions on the subject through the discussion between panellists. The Head of Regulatory Affairs at Open Grid Europe, The Senior Gas Expert at E-Control Austria, and the Senior VP Public Affairs at FluxSwiss have already confirmed their participation as session speakers.

During the round table, speakers will discuss low-carbon fuels and their influence on the pipeline market. Each expert has 10 minutes to present their topic and 10 more minutes to answer the questions. The Supply & Operations Director at Elinoil, the Supply & Operations Deputy Manager/Operations at Elinoil, the Head of Regulatory Affairs at Open Grid Europe, and the Head of Business Development and Sales Adsorption and Membrane Plants at Linde Engineering will discuss LNG, CNG, Biogas, Hydrogen, Synthetic Gases, and its production integration and regulation.

Join the Transportation Oil and Gas Congress 2022 if you are open to the discussion of reaching carbon neutrality and if your solutions are applicable for the changing pipeline infrastructure.

Request terms of participation at https://bit.ly/3vF6Pve.