Digital tools for mechanical seals

Source: press release, 26 October 2021

Roxtec Software Suite consists of digital tools for cable and pipe transit management
Roxtec Software Suite consists of digital tools for cable and pipe transit management (illustration: Roxtec)

Roxtec is adding online tools to its sealing solutions to help users save time, increase quality and optimise safety. The suite of interlinked tools is the result of an extensive and pioneering effort to enable smart digitalisation throughout the process of cable and pipe sealing, from design and installation through to documentation and quality control.

Roxtec sealing experts know the challenges faced by owners, designers and installers and have developed the digital tools to make it easier to specify seals and meet mandatory documentation demands. Thanks to the connection between the digital tools, users can share information in real time.

Online tool for designers
Tens of thousands of designers already use the free Roxtec Transit Designer to select seals according to industry, project and application. They enter cable schedule, sealing requirements and installation preferences to generate manufacturer-approved drawings and a Bill of Material. It allows them to design hundreds of cable and pipe transits in just a few minutes. Gary Jennings, Lead Electrical Designer of Wood Group, who used the software in a large offshore project, states: “We were able to import data on 11.940 cables directly into the Roxtec software. We saved several weeks – if not months – and were definitely heroes in that project.”

Construction quality assurance
Quality assurance and production managers at shipyards and installation companies use Roxtec Transit Build to stay constantly updated. This digital tool helps them control and document the cable and pipe seal installation quality and keep the latest information available for installers and surveyors. With instant tracking and efficient status reporting for every transit installation, they save time, secure a seamless construction workflow and can hand over a documented transit register to the owner or operator. Jonathan Parks, Senior Contracts Manager at MJM Marine, thinks it is a fantastic tool for managing cable and pipe transits, and for saving time: “We reduced our work on penetrations by 60%.”

Cable and pipe transit seal systems register
Similarly developed to enable systemised control and documentation, Roxtec Transit Operate is a complete management tool. It keeps track of transits, from initial installations to recent upgrades with cables, pipes and equipment. The cable and pipe transit seal systems register, which corresponds to new regulations in the marine and offshore industries, has a transit log and includes documents such as drawings, pictures, product data, installation instructions and certificates. The software helps owners and operators guarantee a high safety level through the entire lifecycle of their asset.