Stratagraph to utilise Geologix premier software

Source: press release, 28 October 2021

illustration: Stratagraph
illustration: Stratagraph

Stratagraph, a leader in geological services to the oil and gas industry for the past six decades, has solidified its ongoing relationship with Geologix, leaders in the technology and engineering application development industry, by upgrading to Geologix’s premier software known as GEOLogger.

Stratagraph will enhance its wellsite services with access to the state-of-the-art mud logging software GEOLogger, the industry-leading, premium logging software which provides the highest level of flexibility and allows users to meet the requirements in all varieties of operations. This top-tier software will assist Stratagraph in efficiently collecting, organising, and logging information while supplying customers with accurate data and reliable solutions in a customisable format.

William Hagan, Stratagraph’s Chief Executive Officer, says, “This is one of the many strategic initiatives Stratagraph has taken to further enhance our services to towards benefiting our current and future clients. As a global leader in the geological services sector, we will continue to utilise programs like GEOLogger to assist us in providing excellent services and solutions to our customers in a user-friendly format.”

Geologix Managing Director, Samit Sengupta, states, “As one of our first service company customers in the USA more than 20 years ago, it is inspiring to witness the scale of ambition and aspirations that Stratagraph demonstrates in redefining how they aid their customers today. We have a lot to learn and share together. As a pioneer of digital transformation in geological operations, Geologix is excited to make this journey together with Stratagraph to bring to market new ways of providing subsurface and operational insights to their customers.”