The Switch: A new green podcast

Source: press release, 9 November 2021

illustration: Baseload Capital
illustration: Baseload Capital

A new podcast produced by Baseload Capital, DNB, and Energy Disruptors and dedicated to sustainability and clean energy has been launched. The Switch podcast aims to present serious issues in an entertaining format.

The Switch is intended as a platform for everybody involved in and interested in the switch towards a green industry.

“The Switch is going to be more than a podcast,” says Kristina Hagström Ilievska, CMO at Baseload Capital. “We’re creating a fast-paced, broad, and entertaining show with a wide range of guests. Our goal is to make The Switch the number one hub for knowledge exchange on the topic of renewables and clean transition.”

The idea of the show is to gather great minds from all parts of the industry to generate new ideas and get an overall picture of what must and can be done. “We want to tear down the silos and makes sure we have conversations that lead us forward collaboratively,” says Graeme Edge from Energy Disruptors.

“There is so much knowledge out there,” says Elisabeth Beskow CEO at DNB Bank ASA Sweden branch. “So many innovators and companies that can help us reduce our impacts on this planet. By inviting brilliant people from different areas, we’re exploring how to build a more sustainable society.”

In short, The Switch will put clean energy at scale on the agenda – in a serious and entertaining way, with the aim to educate, entertain and strengthen industry partnerships in order to accelerate the green shift.

The podcast will be published twice a month, with an estimated length of 30 minutes per episode.