TGS, BGP, CGG commence acquisition of Suriname 3D Phase 1

Source: press release, 11 November 2021

illustration: TGS
illustration: TGS

TGS, acting as the marketing and licensing lead in a consortium with CGG and BGP, has announced that the Phase 1 of the Suriname 3D project acquisition, which was inked with Staatsolie in October, has commenced.

This 3D survey is adjacent to the prolific Block 58 and will cover the up-dip portions of the same Upper Cretaceous channel systems proven successful recently.

Phase 1 includes 11,100 square kilometres of new 3D seismic data acquisition and 3,000 square kilometres of 3D seismic data reprocessing. The acquisition will be undertaken by the BGP Prospector.

CGG will process all of this multi-client data in its Houston subsurface imaging center using a high-end depth imaging workflow, including its proprietary technologies: Time-Lag Full-waveform Inversion (TLFWI) and High-frequency FWI Imaging.

Early products will be available from April 2022 with final TTI Kirchhoff PSDM products ready from November 2022.

This project is supported by industry funding.