H2 Green unveils transformational Clean Energy Hub plan for Shoreham Port

Source: press release, 15 November 2021

Luke Johnson of H2 Green and Tom Willis of Shoreham Port
Luke Johnson of H2 Green and Tom Willis of Shoreham Port (photo: H2 Green)

H2 Green, a Getech business, has signed a deal with Shoreham Port to develop a renewable energy hub that will remove emissions from its fleet of trucks and HGVs and be a catalyst for the wider region’s transport decarbonisation.

The development will include the creation of a hydrogen hub integrated with onshore wind and solar power generation.

With transport decarbonisation high on the agenda at COP26 last week, the development will provide 100% green hydrogen and renewable electricity to the Port’s fleet of heavy forklift trucks and HGVs in its first phase, with the ambition to supply hydrogen to fuel the 800 HGVs that enter the Port each day, reducing emissions and noise.

The plans from the Edinburgh based infrastructure developer also include an ammonia importation facility, which would be used to carry hydrogen, connecting the Port to large scale green energy projects worldwide, which would deliver lower cost green fuel to benefit local users.

Shoreham is a Trust Port with a 260-year history of delivering value to the local community. The innovations will help the Port to achieve its own net zero by 2030 ambition and decarbonise the South East England region.

Luke Johnson, managing director of H2 Green, a Getech business says, “We have worked closely with Shoreham Port to develop a bold vision for the Port that delivers significant emissions reductions to support its net-zero goals and also benefits the Port’s customers, community and wider region economy.”

“Decarbonisation of the HGVs and forklift trucks entering and using the Port would save 45,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. As a trusted developer of hydrogen hub infrastructure, H2 Green is proud to be involved in this transformational integrated green energy development,” continues Johnson.

Shoreham Port is one of only two to achieve Port Environmental Review System (PERS) certified EcoPort status.

Tom Willis, Chief Executive of Shoreham Port says, “We are delighted to have selected H2 Green to develop a green energy hub at Shoreham Port. The project has the potential to make a significant contribution to the net-zero ambitions across South East England through the local generation of hydrogen from renewable energy.”

“The hydrogen production process is quiet, odourless and the clean fuel produced will reduce emissions across the region as transport operators convert large fleets to run on it. As a community organisation we intend to work with all our stakeholders to make this new stage of Shoreham Port’s development a success,” adds Willis.

The green energy hub will drive regional growth in commercial transport hydrogen stimulating the development of local and global supply chains.

Industries operating in and adjacent to the Port, including gas-fired power generation, timber, steel handling, and water treatment, are also potential customers for the hub’s hydrogen power. By-products such as oxygen can be used to treat local sewage in a clean and efficient way to prevent planned releases to sea.

Following finalisation of engineering designs and receipt of planning approvals, the parties expect to move to a structured series of Final Investment Decisions in the second half of 2022.

A video on the Port development can be viewed at https://youtu.be/bklxFTFXogw.