TGS announces the Southern US CO₂ Storage Atlas

Source: press release, 22 November 2021

TGS: CO₂ Storage Atlas covering the Southern US
TGS: CO₂ Storage Atlas covering the Southern US (illustration: TGS/Canadian Discovery Ltd)

Building on its May 2021 notice, TGS, a global provider of energy data and intelligence, has announced the launch of a new CO2 Storage Atlas covering the southern US in collaboration with consultancy firm Canadian Discovery Ltd.

The CO2 Storage Atlas, Southern US Edition, is a subsurface classification dataset designed as a prospecting and technical assessment tool for potential carbon dioxide (CO2) storage. The Atlas is delivered in a convenient web interface with interactive browse and query capability, bringing together critical analytics about new storage volumes and COemitters.

The Atlas encompasses an area of over 87,000 square miles across Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, assessing over 7,000 potential storage resources using TGS’s national well databases and proprietary subsurface interpretation products. The Southern US Edition provides consistent volumetrics with ranges and confidence at all productive stratigraphic levels across the region.

Katja Akentieva, Vice President of TGS New Energy Solutions, Western Hemisphere, says, “I am excited to announce that we are enabling further development of CCS infrastructure in the United States, ensuring that storage opportunities are assessed carefully and using the most comprehensive subsurface knowledge. Unlocking new storage capacity will be necessary in order to achieve a net-zero emissions world. We have identified and assessed over 2 Gt of storage capacity which can be utilised by the emitting facilities, qualifying them for 45Q tax credit. Our solutions will provide stakeholders of the carbon capture value chain with significant time and cost savings.”