Fruitful discussions with local government in Tianjin

Source: press release, 6 December 2021

HydrogenPro met with He Zhi Neng of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce
HydrogenPro met with He Zhi Neng of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce (photo: HydrogenPro)

HydrogenPro recently announced an investment in a 75%-owned technology and production facility in Tianjin, China. Following the announcement, He Zhi Neng of Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce invited HydrogenPro to exchange information about the project.

“The Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce impressed us with their knowledge about hydrogen and the renewable energy sector. We met Mr He and his team for a fruitful discussion that HydrogenPro really appreciated,” says Richard Espeseth, Chief Business Development Officer of HydrogenPro.

HydrogenPro recently reached an agreement with Tianjin HQY Hydrogen Machinery (THM), which has transferred its electrolysers technology to a new company that is majority owned by HydrogenPro. The first step is to expand existing electrolyser capacity up to 300 MW in Tianjin, thereby completing the first major step of HydrogenPro’s global technology and fabrication plan.

Among several topics, the two parties discussed a 60,000-80,000 m2 plot where a future giga-factory may be located. Furthermore, they discussed how to reduce the CO2 footprint by powering the factory by solar panels.

“The meeting took twice the scheduled time, as both parties had many ideas to share with each other. There was a clear intention to follow up with a new meeting to look into more specific topics, including how the local government facilitate the construction of a giga factory,” says Espeseth.

THM has a long-standing history of producing electrolyser components, parts, and systems as a supplier to the electrolyser industry in China and has over the past years expanded into assembly and sales of complete electrolysers.

“The production facility, which will be located in Tianjin, will be equipped with new machines which have already been purchased. It is expected to be ready for pilot production by the end of this month. We are very excited about this project, and we look forward to cooperating with the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Commerce,” Espeseth concludes.