Project Greensand receives funding award for offshore CCS in the Danish North Sea

Source: press release, 10 December 2021

CCS essential for delivering climate goals in Denmark and in Europe (photo: Wintershall Dea/Achim Multhaupt)
CCS essential for delivering climate goals in Denmark and in Europe (photo: Wintershall Dea/Achim Multhaupt)

On Wednesday 8 December, the Danish Energy Agency announced an award of DKK 197 million (EUR 26 million) to the Project Greensand CCS consortium. The funding will support preparation of CO2 storage in the Danish North Sea.

Wintershall Dea is a leading member of the consortium alongside INEOS Oil and Gas Denmark and almost 30 other organisations.

Wintershall Dea’s Chief Technology Officer, Hugo Dijkgraaf, says, “We warmly welcome the trust and funding support from the Danish Government, which recognises that CCS is essential for delivering climate goals in Denmark and Europe. With CCS we can safely store unavoidable industrial emissions, enabling a clean and successful future for European industry. Wintershall Dea is proud to be driving this promising project forward.”

Project Greensand aims to store CO2 in the Siri Area of the Danish North Sea where Wintershall Dea has been active for many years. A pilot phase targets first injection from late 2022. Subject to progress, the consortium aims for full-scale CO2 storage from 2025 onwards. The project could ultimately have total storage potential of up to eight million tonnes of CO2 per year. This means that the project could potentially deliver all the CO2 storage envisaged in the Danish Climate Programme.

There is broad-based political support for CCS in Denmark. This week’s funding award follows a decision by the Danish Government and a broad majority of political parties to allocate significant funding for the development and demonstration of CO2 storage in the North Sea.

For Wintershall Dea, Project Greensand is one of a number of projects delivering the company’s Energy Transition Pathway. Klaus Langemann, Senior Vice President for Carbon Management and Hydrogen says, “In CCS we see an opportunity to take Wintershall Dea’s expertise – in the subsurface, for drilling and operating offshore – and apply it to the task of reducing industrial emissions. We look forward to working with our consortium partners to deliver Project Greensand.”