Oil Plus to support DeNovo’s 100% green powered Zandolie platform in Trinidad and Tobago

Source: press release, 15 December 2021

Maintenance Engineering Team Leader at Oil Plus, Mike Noble
Maintenance Engineering Team Leader at Oil Plus, Mike Noble (photo: Oil Plus)

Global oilfield consultancy specialists Oil Plus Ltd has been awarded a contract, to develop the maintenance strategy and programme for DeNovo’s renewable energy powered Zandolie platform, located offshore western Trinidad.

The unmanned gas producing installation uses a combination of power generated by a wind turbine and a solar bank, with a battery for storing any excess energy. The asset, which is tied back to the Iguana field’s infrastructure, is also equipped with intelligent monitoring technology. Unless alerted via one if its onshore systems, this has reduced the need for maintenance personnel to travel to the asset, significantly reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation.

The Aberdeen arm of Oil Plus will develop a comprehensive maintenance management strategy and programme to support the continuous safe operations on Zandolie utilising its computerised asset integrity management aid, AIM+. The company’s modular-based solution migrates all other maintenance software, such as Maximo, SAP and InforEAM, seamlessly to build a verified asset register. The amalgamated data is then used to establish an effective and aligned maintenance programme of scheduled jobs based on best working practices and international legislation compliance.

DeNovo is Trinidad and Tobago’s fifth largest natural gas producer, with a proven and sustainable model for increasing gas supply security by safely and quickly developing stranded and marginal gas reserves at a competitive cost.

This is the third maintenance management contract DeNovo has awarded to Oil Plus. The firm recently concluded a similar project to support its onshore GPU facility followed by a second scope at its Iguana field, the first west coast natural gas field to be developed in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mike Noble, Maintenance Engineering Team Leader at Oil Plus says, “Being awarded this third maintenance management contract with DeNovo demonstrates the value the organisation places on using the best available technology and expertise to support its green strategies and ambitions for delivering a lower carbon emissions future.”

“Developing an optimised maintenance programme is essential to mitigating equipment failures, avoiding costly delays, and reducing CO2 footprint. Our unique AIMS+ application coupled with our technical capabilities can reduce the effort required to build a maintenance programme and provide robust quality checks. The information gathered also results in a more meaningful improvement cycle to enhance an asset’s overall performance in the long term. We look forward to supporting DeNovo and keeping the Zandolie asset producing safely and reliably for many years to come,” Noble continues.

As well as asset integrity management services, Oil Plus has been providing produced water treatment, injection and production chemistry solutions to the global oil and gas sector for more than 40 years. The Berkshire (UK) headquartered consultancy was acquired in 2017 by Aberdeen oil and gas entrepreneur, Mark Cavanagh.