Full speed ahead for biogas

Source: press release, 10 January 2022

Liquid biogas filling station
Liquid biogas filling station (illustration: Biogass Energi)

The Norwegian state-owned enterprise Enova has allocated NOK 7.1 million (approximately EUR 710,000) in support of building Biogass Energi AS’s first filling station for liquid biogas (LBG) in Norway. “This is great news, and a step further on the road to making biogas a widely available alternative to fossil fuels for the truck segment in Norway,” says Stig Mortveit, general manager in Biogass Energi.

Biogass Energi AS is owned by the energy company St1 together with Knapphus Energi and Nor-log Gruppen, and the company’s ambition is to build a national network of filling points for biogas in Norway.

Over the last year, St1 has invested heavily in biogas and has made investments in Norway, Sweden and Finland. These include the acquisition of E.ON Biofor in Sweden, now named St1 Biogas AB, and St1 and the food company Valio’s establishment of a company for the production of biogas from manure in Finland.

“We are serious about our investments in biogas and believe our ambitions in this segment are right. Biogass Energi has made an excellent effort to make this happen, and we look forward to following the construction process,” says Jonas Bæk, market responsible for the business segment in St1 Norway.

He emphasises that a predictable regulatory framework is particularly important for the future of biogas as a transport fuel.

“For biogas to be a success, it is essential that we are able to build a network that ensures that customers have access to fuel where they are and where they need it,” comments Jonas Bæk, adding that the bio mandate can also be an effective and predictable way of increasing the use of biogas in the transport sector.

“Today, biogas is not part of the bio mandate, and we believe that including this in the future provides a good opportunity to increase the degree of blending of biofuels at the same time as it gives us an incentive to invest. In Finland, they have already introduced this in the mandate, and it seems that it has increased interest for biogas.”

The grant from Enova has been given for the construction of a filling point in Aksdal in Rogaland, and Mortveit is looking forward to starting construction.

“We are very grateful for the support Biogass Energi receives from Enova and look forward to giving full speed ahead. The environmental footprint of biogas shows that it is a fantastic product, and the technology is mature for both filling stations and vehicles. This is not something we are just testing or piloting – we know the solution works and that it reduces emissions,” Mortveit concludes.