Geologix launches pore pressure and geomechanics software and services

Source: press release, 11 January 2022

illustration: Geologix
illustration: Geologix

Geologix, providers of the GEO software suite, has announced the release of their new Remote Pore Pressure & Geomechanics Services.

Reliable pore pressure forecasting, real-time PPFG monitoring and geomechanics insights are delivered through the Geologix innovative cloud system – ready for any well project – from conventional hydrocarbon wells to new generation energy such as geothermal, carbon capture (CCS) and end of life abandonments.

Pore Pressure Service
Geologix provides full pre-drill forecasting using offset well information, reports and pressure test data. Innovative software technology provides real-time oversight on pore pressure sensitive data.

Constant updates on Pore Pressure and Fracture gradient forecasts are delivered dynamically, ready for collaborative discussion through the Geologix cloud dashboard. A holistic post drill review and analysis package provides well-ready data and insights.

Software Applications
Geo Pressure analysis software is available as part of Geologix’s flagship software GEO, available to in-house pore pressure engineers or geologists. GEO can be used to provide Pore Pressure and Geomechanics analysis across the lifecycle of the well, from planning to abandonment and becomes a digital asset for retention and modification throughout the timeline of a well.

Geologix CEO, Samit Sengupta, says, “We are delighted to provide these services to new and existing customers around the world. Understanding the pore pressure and geomechanics of a well prior to and during drilling reduces downtime, provides a safer environment for those at the well site, and, with our remote service, can reduce the number of personnel required on site. We are confident that our software and services will reduce opex and support our customers in meeting their ESG targets.”

Geologix provides robust, reliable and intelligent software, comprehensive and personalised customer care and, where required, full training. All products and services are tailored to specific requirements.