Ten growth opportunities in energy and environment industry to enhance company profitability

Source: press release, 26 January 2022

illustration: Frost & Sullivan
illustration: Frost & Sullivan

Sustainability, digital transformation and the energy transition have accelerated significantly in the past 18 months. The global energy and environment (E&E) industry is going through an unprecedented transformation and this change is bringing exciting new growth opportunities. The advent of greener, smarter and more connected products and services will transform our cities, communities, workplaces, and homes into a digital and sustainable domain. This will enhance efficiency, environmental performance, reliability, productivity, flexibility, safety, and company profitability.

To help companies identify new avenues for top-line growth and plan for a more fruitful 2022, Frost & Sullivan’s team of industry experts have compiled a complimentary insight: Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Energy & Environment Industry for 2022 – What’s Next?

“The transition to a net-zero future for carbon emissions means many companies also face struggles with pricing pressures, commoditisation and industry disruption,” notes John Raspin, Partner, Energy & Environment at Frost & Sullivan. “The competitive landscape for the future of the E&E industry will be different; driven by innovation, market transformation, and disruptive business models.”

Gain insight into exciting new growth opportunities, strategic recommendations, best practices, and future developments in the following areas:

  1. Climate neutral cities
  2. Circular economy of resources and Scope 3 emissions
  3. Sustainability as a Service
  4. Cognitive buildings and digital twin
  5. Services 2.0
  6. Energy efficiency and automation
  7. Hydrogen economy
  8. Carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS)
  9. Electrification growth in renewables
  10. Critical power and data centre investment

Download the complimentary insight here.