Kongsberg Digital to offer new integration with IKM Instrutek condition monitoring services

Source: press release, 2 February 2022

IKM Instrutek’s sensors and services will now connect to Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight platform
IKM Instrutek’s sensors and services will now connect to Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight platform (illustration: IKM Instrutek)

IKM Instrutek has now joined forces with Kongsberg Digital (KDI) to connect its services to Vessel Insight. Vessel Insight is a cloud-based platform that collects data on board the vessel and transfers the data securely to the cloud. By connecting IKM Instrutek’s sensors and services to Vessel Insight, they can offer their Condition Monitoring Services to their common customers.

IKM Instrutek’s Condition Monitoring Services will be integrated with Vessel Insight and available on the Kognifai Marketplace. This is a great addition to the ever-growing number of third-party, customer-owned and Kongsberg applications.

“We are happy to announce our new partnership with IKM Instrutek. We expect this partnership to provide great value for our customers, as well as for IKM and KDI. IKM Instrutek is delivering equipment and services related to lifecycle management of critical equipment in heavy asset industries, and these services, combined with additional services in the KDI ecosystem, have great potential to become a steppingstone for our customers to enter into a Condition Based Maintenance strategy for their assets,” says Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President for Digital Ocean in Kongsberg Digital.

“With the demanding need and focus for Condition Monitoring (CM) and predictive maintenance in all industries, the use of IKM Instrutek’s already proven CM system will now be integrated to KDI’s Vessel Insight. This way, end users can retrieve, display and store data to secure their vessels’ uptime, having real-time data from critical machinery for evaluation during auto-diagnosis, or IKM Instrutek analyst experts connecting to the ship, onshore server or a cloud.”

“By identifying early signs of wear, tear and damage, it is possible to plan optimal maintenance, thereby ensuring maximum uptime,” adds Robert Kaasa, Dept. Manager Machine Protection & Condition Monitoring in IKM Instrutek. “As a certified service provider for Condition Monitoring by DNV GL, ABS and Lloyd’s we offer full-range delivery, including surveys, engineering, installation, commissioning, analysis and support.”