Parker’s new ancillary spares kits simplify gas turbine maintenance to optimise performance

Source: press release, 3 February 2022

The new kits provide a comprehensive set of spares to service the inlet house for a period of 5 years, or three filter replacement cycles (photo: Parker Hannifin)

The Gas Turbine Filtration Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation, global provider of motion and control technologies, has released new ancillary spares kits for gas turbine filter house maintenance. The kits are designed to ensure customers can easily access the replacement parts needed to avoid unplanned downtime and maintain filter house performance over years of operation.

While timely filter replacement is essential to the protection of gas turbines, it is critical that all components are properly maintained to ensure continued turbine performance and reliability.

Tailored to specific customer and site needs, the new kits provide a comprehensive set of spares to service the inlet house for a period of 5 years, or three filter replacement cycles. Their use helps prevent costly corrective maintenance and restricts perilous salt, water and contaminants from bypassing the filter and damaging turbine performance. The packs will update any obsolete parts and make sourcing and purchasing necessary spares easier than ever.

“We have introduced these kits in response to a clear customer need to cover parts within the inlet filter house that, unlike filter elements, are not considered consumables,” says Alejandro Morales, sales manager, Gas Turbine Filtration Division. “They will make it much easier for customers to keep their gas turbines running smoothly. The relatively small investment ensures customers will have everything they need to maintain their inlet filter house and will extend the operating life of filtration units.”

Parker has been helping its customers to protect gas turbines for decades, with custom-tailored solutions based on deep filtration expertise and understanding of the additional equipment needed in a filter house for optimum performance.

“Protecting gas turbines goes beyond just having filters in place. Operators need to ensure supporting equipment is also well maintained to avoid any filtration bypass or differential pressure increase that could lead to an unexpected turbine shutdown. These new kits will remove the pain of finding correct and current parts needed to maintain all aspects of gas turbine inlet filter houses. They are simple to order and will help ensure trouble-free operation and optimum turbine performance,” Morales adds.