ADC Energy contract paves way for further growth in Asia-Pacific

Source: press release, 7 February 2022

Jack-ups in focus: ADC in Labuan, Malaysia
Jack-ups in focus: ADC in Labuan, Malaysia (photo: ADC Energy)

ADC Energy has been awarded its third contract in Asia-Pacific (APAC) in the first quarter of 2022 to provide its specialist rig inspection services to a global operator in Malaysia.

The latest contract with a global E&P company is estimated to be worth up to GBP 1.5 million over 3 years. As part of its scope, ADC Energy’s specialists will provide inspection and operational assurance audits of mobile offshore drilling units, fixed installations, and hydraulic workover units.

Harnil Singh, APAC operations manager at ADC Energy says, “After working with the client for more than a decade internationally, we were pleased to be invited to tender for rig inspection services for their Malaysian operations. The company was not only impressed with our technical knowledge, but also encouraged by our longstanding experience in the region and ability to provide expert support on site through our regional team in Malaysia for the duration of the contract.”

Headquartered in Aberdeen, ADC’s office in Kuala Lumpur is responsible for much of its operations in the Asia-Pacific region, working with a number of global operators to provide tailored solutions to their engineering problems.

In addition, the rig inspection specialist also works on new build assurance and commissioning oversight for a number of clients in Singapore, China, and South Korea.

As the third contract in Q1 of 2022, Singh is optimistic about further growth for the region.

He explains, “As drilling activity continues to increase in Malaysia and the wider APAC region, we have seen an uptick in the number of new build drilling units being awarded contracts. We have been working closely with several rig owners and operators to ensure these units, which have been sat idle for the past few years, enter their maiden contracts operating as designed safely and efficiently.”

“Likewise, with the surge in new build vessels being constructed in the Asia Pacific shipyards to support global offshore wind construction projects, we are ideally placed to leverage our new build jack-up and DP vessel assurance experience. Our expertise is particularly well aligned with mission specific vessels such as wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs). Many of the equipment vendors and vessel designs are similar to mobile assets used in the oil and gas industry, and our subject matter experts have been specifically trained by OEMs such as NOV and Kongsberg in the latest automated vessel equipment and systems,” Singh adds.

ADC offers independent assurance that new build vessels are delivered from the shipyard ready to operate. The company specialise in complex vessels including WTIVs and jack-ups.

The functional verification of all equipment, systems and processes is typically above and beyond classification and marine warranty.