St1 chooses Greenbyte to underpin new wind energy asset management offering

Source: press release, 10 February 2022

Greenbyte’s asset management platform drives performance improvements and cost savings in renewable energy production
Greenbyte’s asset management platform drives performance improvements and cost savings in renewable energy production (illustration: Greenbyte)

St1, a Nordic energy Group, has integrated the Greenbyte performance optimisation solution to monitor a growing 365 MW portfolio of third-party wind farms throughout Finland. The software from Power Factors will support St1 as it develops its service offering in independent renewable energy asset management.

Having built up a substantial operational wind energy portfolio over the past decade, St1 recently closed the sale of 12 of its Finnish wind farms to leading renewables investors Aquila Capital and Exilion. St1 retained responsibility for operating the projects on behalf of the new asset owners, while freeing up capital to invest into further renewables projects.

To develop better and more efficient services for its customers, St1 has now completed integration of Greenbyte, one of the renewable energy software solutions offered by Power Factors.

Greenbyte gives St1 a single versatile platform from which to monitor, optimise and report on the performance of the entire wind park portfolio on behalf of the new asset owners. As a technology-agnostic system, Greenbyte enables St1 to compare performance data from across different wind farms and models of turbine, then take proactive steps to address issues and refine any possible maintenance programmes.

This asset management approach, informed by advanced data, helps St1 maintain the highest standards of technical performance, while creating transparency with its clients through robust reporting on the ongoing technical management of their wind farms.

“As we build our presence as an independent renewable energy asset manager, we are committed to bringing the highest operational standards to our clients’ portfolios,” says Yrjö Laine, Senior Asset Manager at St1. “An essential part of that is to maintain a holistic overview of portfolio operations and share that data to the benefit of the asset owners.”

“Greenbyte gives us those capabilities and provides a scalable platform that we can use as we continue to increase the scope of our third-party service offering in the coming years.”

Yrjö Laine, also adds, “St1 aims to set a clear example of what it means to carry out an energy transition in practice. Digital approaches are a fundamental part of a modern asset management strategy in renewables, where scale and diversity of portfolios is essential, and technical and commercial performance must be closely monitored. With the help of Greenbyte, St1’s asset management team is proud to bring the highest possible standards to our clients.”