Semco Maritime to perform service on ‘Floatel Superior’ at Hanøytangen

Source: press release, 11 February 2022

‘Floatel Victory’ under service at Hanøytangen
‘Floatel Victory’ under service at Hanøytangen (photo: Semco Maritime)

Floatel International has awarded Semco Maritime a contract for service work on the semi-submersible rig Floatel Superior. The harsh environment rig will dock at Hanøytangen in mid-February, and the project is expected to employ around 100 people until mid-March.

Semco Maritime will perform service on the Floatel Superior, a semi-submersible accommodation and construction support vessel (floatel) designed for worldwide operation with emphasis on some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world, such as the Northern North Sea.

“We look forward to welcoming the Floatel Superior here at Hanøytangen and cooperating with the Floatel team again to deliver a safe, professional and predictable project together with our key suppliers,” says Managing Director of Semco Maritime Norway, Asbjørn Jacobsen.

The contract work will be completed during February and March 2022 and includes dry docking of Floatel Superior, installation of thrusters and various service activities, including cleaning, surface treatment, repairs and system tests.

The project is expected to employ around 100 people at Semco Maritime’s yard facility at Hanøytangen, which has Northern Europe’s largest operating dry-dock of 125 x 125 x 17 metres, accommodation with single beds for 365 workers and several quays with depth ranging from 17-90 metres at quayside.

Floatel International and Semco Maritime most recently cooperated in 2018 when Floatel Victory was serviced at Hanøytangen.