Significantly cutting mooring costs for floating wind

Source: press release, 15 February 2022

Semar’s Honeymooring™ system
Semar’s Honeymooring™ system (illustration: Semar AS)

The SMB Semar has launched cutting-edge solutions and ambitious plans for mooring of floating offshore wind parks.

Norwegian innovator Semar AS has developed a game-changing mooring solution promising to cut hardware costs significantly.

Honeymooring™ is a new and cost-effective way of mooring floating wind turbines in a network using shared buoys, synthetic fibre lines and anchors.

Semar AS’ innovative Honeymooring™ solution is estimated to reduce hardware cost with up to 50% compared to traditional mooring solutions based on steel chains.

By connecting floating wind turbines in a honeycomb layout, Honeymooring™ offers a unique way of applying well-proven mooring technology in an innovative way that challenges existing solutions.

Semar AS’ Honeymooring solution has so far been thoroughly assessed through a pre-project phase, identifying significant mooring-hardware cost savings compared to existing mooring solutions. These savings contribute to significantly reduce the capex for wind parks consisting of several floating units. The pre-project was financially supported by Innovation Norway, Equinor, TotalEnergies and Semar.

Following the encouraging pre-study results, the Research Council of Norway financially supports the ongoing research and development (R&D) project “Honeymooring – Efficient mooring of floating wind farms”.

Equinor, TotalEnergies, SINTEF Ocean and Norcable are partners in this 3-year R&D project, in which Semar AS has developed the methodology required to analyse wind parks with shared moorings, and further matures and optimises the Honeymooring™ design. Altogether, the R&D project has been granted significant financial support of NOK 19 million.