Norner is now a RecyClass certification body and recognised laboratory

Source: press release, 24 February 2022

Thor Kamfjord, Norner’s Director Sustainable Development (photo: Norner)

Norner has announced that the company is now a RecyClass certification body and recognised laboratory. This will strengthen Norner’s ability to help clients in the packaging value chain with developments, troubleshooting and implementation of recyclable packaging and recycled plastics in packaging.

Until recently the focus of the packaging supplier industry has been to deliver products and processes with maximum efficiency and product protection at very low weight. This has been a success formula for plastics packaging, making it a very versatile, low cost and sustainable choice. With the increasing concern over plastic waste generation and lack of recycling, both consumers and authorities are pressing for solutions.

The plastics packaging value chain, from producers to end users, are currently undergoing a significant change of mindset regarding packaging product and technology developments driven by the demand for increased recycling. RecyClass was developed by and is part of Plastics Recyclers Europe as a tool for making consistent evaluations of recyclability of plastic packaging. A package recyclability can be assessed and certified through a process of third-party verification by auditing. New packaging technologies are continuously being developed to meet recyclability targets and these can be assessed according to a laboratory protocol. RecyClass has thereby become a key enabler in developing recyclable plastics packaging and Norner is now part of this network and approved to carry out such assessments.

“Recycling of plastics is on the rise and the attention has never been higher. We can only be successful in doing this if the recycled materials can be offered to the market with a high quality and stringent specifications. This is where Norner can play a role through our pilot and test facilities.” says Ole Jan Myhre, Market Manager and Packaging Advisor.

Norner’s new Polymer Exploration Centre, situated on the riverfront in Porsgrunn Norway, has more than 4,500 m2 of plastic laboratories for advanced testing and analysis as well as a high-tech plastic processing, recycling, application, and packaging centre. The recycling pilot centre is key to deliver the RecyClass laboratory protocol testing.

“Norner have the capability and we invite everyone who look for support in plastics packaging, circular economy, recyclability and recycling to contact us for a discussion with our experts. The labs and production areas are designed specifically for working with our clients, which we think will result in even greater innovation.” says, Thor Kamfjord, Director Sustainable Development.