Riskwell partners with STC INSISO to launch first product to market

Source: press release, 28 February 2022

At left, Arrash Nekonam, STC INISISO CTO, and Steve Kemp, Riskwell CFO
At left, Arrash Nekonam, STC INISISO CTO, and Steve Kemp, Riskwell CFO (photo: Riskwell)

Riskwell has partnered with business improvement performance firm, STC INSISO, to launch its first product to market.

Riskwell Protect™ is the first in a suite of software tools the Decision and Risk Management (DRM) consultancy is bringing to market, following co-founders Chris Bird and Patrick De Souza launching the business in 2020.

These DRM software tools are designed to help business teams make better decisions and deliver stronger governance in relation to business risks. They achieve this by presenting greater insights in a more collaborative manner than with competing tools and techniques.

Steve Kemp, Chief Financial Officer at Riskwell, says, “Today’s world is challenging with COVID-19 and many environmental, political and economic challenges. Making good decisions today is extremely difficult and is only getting harder. Business and capital investment performance is deteriorating as change accelerates. We are delighted to join forces with STC INSISO to help us launch our new suite of software tools. We aim to support businesses, organisations and even governments make better decisions that improve sustainability and quality of life.”

“It has become clear that the way we have been approaching key decisions will not suit the future as the world deals with the challenges ahead. In particular, there is a 95% correlation between the decisions a business makes today and its performance in a year’s time, so we must embrace new ways of working if we are to make better decisions. The opportunity to get significantly better outcomes is there for those who do this,” Kemp adds.

Arrash Nekonam, Chief Technology Officer at STC INSISO, says, “A huge part of our STC INSISO make-up is not simply developing products ourselves but going one step further by supporting tech start-up businesses in bringing their visions to life and helping them take their products to market. This partnership with Riskwell is a particularly exciting one for us as it aligns perfectly with our own STC INSISO suite of products that aid business performance improvement.”

This partnership is the first of a series of investments STC INSISO will be rolling out to support technology companies in the coming year.

STC INSISO provides business performance improvements through the smart integration of process design, health and safety solutions, training and innovative software.