New dimensions for the shipping industry

Source: press release, 4 March 2022

Orbyt Global CEO and co-founder, Theodore Nikolopoulos
Orbyt Global CEO and co-founder, Theodore Nikolopoulos (photo: Orbyt Global)

An exciting new player, Orbyt Global, is entering in the maritime market, making life easy for all owners, managers, captains and crew in the shipping industry and beyond.

Orbyt Global, a Piraeus based company, offering a spectrum of innovative products and applying the best of two worlds:

  • In depth knowledge of the shipping industry for connectivity, navigation, ship-to-shore communication, and digital solutions.
  • Advanced expertise on connectivity and business solutions on land.

Both are the outcome of the joint forces of Orbyt Global with its strategic partner Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS), a Usingen based company, which offers Teleport, Broadcast and Network services for over 40 years to enterprise, government, Telco and Energy and Mining markets. This long experience is now incorporated in the portfolio of Orbyt Global, to provide its existing and new customers with full access to newly enhanced solutions, through a whole set of cutting-edge certified applications, local based and reliable support to run smoothly, efficiently and affordably the ship operations. All in one hand, managed by one company and giving users real peace of mind.

Orbyt Global supports all bridge operations for communication and navigation, improves the vessel performance via specialised and easy to use applications, integrates the ships and offices into one seamless network, supports the IoT requirements throughout the whole value chain and gives massive support to the crew, via remote support

and maintenance solutions, making life enjoyable on board via a wealthy suite of crew welfare solutions.

Over 500 vessels worldwide are currently enjoying these services.

These all are supported by the networks and services of Inmarsat, Eutelsat, Iridium and United Kingdom Hydrographic Office as well as by Orbyt’s own teleport and network operations, ensuring a seamless connection, with the speed and stability needed for the ship operations. Vessels’ connectivity is supported 24/7/365 anywhere around the globe by the company’s infrastructure and well experienced engineers, both technical and field.

Orbyt Global is headquartered in Piraeus, Greece, and has offices in Germany, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Singapore.

Theodore Nikolopoulos, CEO and co-founder of Orbyt Global states, “We are delighted to welcome MBS as first-time investors in Greece, adding value to our portfolio with their full range of worldwide trusted teleport services and strengthening the talents of our team. With Orbyt Global, being a single point of access to all specialists and solutions, every shipping company can now improve its business performance, simply and easily. The knowledge of these two companies, combined with 25-years’ experience in their own field of expertise, bring a new dimension into the maritime industry. Never before has this knowledge been made accessible and offered in the shipping industry. New features and possibilities, created by Orbyt Global, will hit the market soon.”

Christian Fleischhauer, Managing Director and co-owner of Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS) states, “Being the strategic partners of Orbyt gives MBS the opportunity to offer its wide variety of high-quality services to the shipping industry. The combined services in Orbyt surpass all existing capabilities in the shipping market in applications, service, and quality. Shipping companies do not have to wait any more to get access to new developments, we can offer them state of the art services today while we focus on our customers’ increasing needs within a demanding and growing market to be steps ahead tomorrow.”

Orbyt Global is implementing a Quality Management System as per ISO 9001:2015 & Information Security management system as per ISO 27001:2013 for the full range of provided services and is certified by the UK Hydrographic Office as Authorised Distributor.