Industry expert joins Blue Pearl Energy to lead growth of energy services business in Germany

Source: press release, 10 March 2022

Thomas Kastenhuber, Blue Pearl Energy Partner for Germany
Thomas Kastenhuber, Blue Pearl Energy Partner for Germany (photo: Blue Pearl Energy)

Backed by DWS’s infrastructure investment business, Blue Pearl Energy expects strong growth of its activities in the German energy services market through the acquisition of several SMEs over the next few years.

The European energy services B2B platform Blue Pearl Energy has recruited a specialist in the sector, Thomas Kastenhuber, as its new Partner for Germany. A recognised expert of the energy services market, Thomas Kastenhuber will help develop Blue Pearl Energy’s network of SMEs in the country. His arrival underpins Blue Pearl Energy’s strategy of strengthening its presence in the major markets in Europe, with the support of DWS, its financial partner.

After having successfully completed the acquisition of seven SMEs in France and Belgium over the past 18 months, Blue Pearl Energy is pursuing its European expansion by strengthening its business development team in Germany. The German market has several specificities which make it a key growth area for Blue Pearl Energy. It is a highly fragmented market, with a few very large groups on one hand, and a multitude of SMEs, often family-owned and regional, on the other hand. Blue Pearl Energy’s business model, which aims to build an alternative player to the large groups by bringing together SMEs in a strong and collaborative network, is perfectly suited to markets of this type.

Germany is currently the largest energy services market in Europe. “The German market needs to mobilise very substantial public and private investments to finance the powerful transformations required by the energy transition: complete nuclear and coal phase-out, reliance on gas as an energy of transition, acceleration in the deployment of renewable energies, huge boost in energy efficiency best practices, among others. Thanks to the support of DWS, we have the financial strength to make the necessary investments to participate in, as well as support our customers with, the necessary transformation of the country’s public and private organisations,” explains Eric de Seguins Pazzis, co-founder and CEO of Blue Pearl Energy.

As German Partner, Thomas Kastenhuber will support the development of Blue Pearl Energy in this strategic market, with the mission of identifying SMEs likely to join Blue Pearl Energy; to carry out the discussions allowing their integration within the platform of energy services; to supervise the various German companies of the network by helping them to accelerate their growth and to develop the increasingly popular Energy Performance Contract model.

Blue Pearl Energy is targeting a revenue of more than EUR 700 million in 2026 for its entire European platform, including more than EUR 250 million in Germany.

Thomas Kastenhuber is an experienced and recognised professional in the energy services sector. He worked for 19 years in the management of ECS Energieconsulting und Service GmbH, first as CFO and then as CEO. He is very familiar with energy service contracts for real estate and business customers, for example heat, cold, electricity or steam. This business model, since the beginning of the 1990s known in Germany as “Energy Contracting”, corresponds to the services already offered by Blue Pearl Energy.

“I am very happy to offer my skills and experience in energy services to participate in the development of Blue Pearl Energy in Germany, a fast-growing market for the years to come,” says Thomas Kastenhuber, Germany Partner of Blue Pearl Energy.

As an environmental and energy efficiency specialist, Blue Pearl Energy provides a full range of energy solutions in various fields, including HVAC, refrigeration, electrical engineering, on-site renewable energy generation, industrial utilities, heating and cooling networks, combined heat and power, with the ability to finance equipment on behalf of customers. Blue Pearl Energy’s activity encompasses studies and audits, design and build, operation and maintenance, energy management, and long-term energy performance contracts.