Nel to supply an alkaline electrolyser system for Solar Foods

Source: press release, 16 March 2022

Nel’s Atmospheric Alkaline Electrolyser
Nel’s Atmospheric Alkaline Electrolyser (illustration: NEL ASA)

Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser AS, a subsidiary of Nel ASA, has received an order for an alkaline electrolyser system to provide green hydrogen for producing food from CO2 and electricity.

The new Solar Foods production facility, called Factory 01, is under construction in Vantaa, Finland. The company estimates that the commercial Solein® production will begin in the first half of 2023 and Factory 01 will serve as Solar Foods’ platform for scaling up production. Solein is produced using a bioprocess where microbes are fed with gases (carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen) and small amounts of nutrients.

“This project shows again the growing opportunities for green hydrogen solution. We are very pleased to be working with Solar Foods,” says Henning Langås, Sales Director for Nel Hydrogen Electrolyser AS.

“We are excited to proceed in the construction of Factory 01 on schedule. Nel is supplying technology for a core process steps. We cannot wait to ramp-up the facility in 2023,” says Ville-Veikko Vaaranmaa, Project Director for Solar Foods.

The purchase orders have a value of approximately EUR 2 million, and delivery of the equipment is expected to be late-2022/early-2023.