Greensea Systems Inc. announces major software upgrades and collaborative partnership with VideoRay ROVs to develop future technologies

Source: press release, 18 March 2022

OPENSEA with Workspace is the standard software package on VideoRay’s Defender and Pro5 vehicles
OPENSEA with Workspace is the standard software package on VideoRay’s Defender and Pro5 vehicles (photo: VideoRay)

Marine robotics technology specialist Greensea Systems Inc has announced the introduction of major software updates to its OPENSEA platform add-ons, Workspace and Professional Workspace. Additionally, Greensea announces the release of EOD Workspace 6.3. These software updates are the result of collaboration with VideoRay in response to the company’s ongoing development of their Mission Specialist Series ROVs. OPENSEA, and all products developed on OPENSEA, are open architecture and support the future generation of ocean robotics through navigation, autonomy, and advanced user interface concepts, including remote and over-the-horizon supervision.

EOD Workspace 6.3 represents a major update to the previous version – including support for ArcGIS and a user interface redesign to support VideoRay’s Expeditionary Splashproof Controller. The user interface redesign is the culmination of hours of interviews and more than 2 years of trials with EOD Technicians to ensure user interactions with the software are more intuitive and natural and that the new version meets the evolving needs of the EOD Technician. Workspace and Professional Workspace have been upgraded to version 5.0.

All standard software on VideoRay’s Mission Specialist Series ROVs was updated earlier this week.

Founder and CEO of Greensea Systems Inc. Ben Kinnaman commented, “OPENSEA with Workspace is the standard software package on VideoRay’s Defender and Pro5 vehicles. OPENSEA provides the capability to perform advanced autonomous missions and prepares these vehicles for future technology advances as an open architecture platform. The newest versions of Workspace are the result of a direct collaboration with VideoRay and a multi-million-dollar R & D investment here at Greensea. This investment has positioned EOD Workspace as a transition platform for emerging technologies, providing a straight-forward path to getting new capabilities to the warfighter.”

“While EOD Workspace is primarily a defense product, Greensea is offering the technology of EOD Workspace into innovative commercial products like SafeC2, which allows the long-range command and control of subsea assets.”

These software releases underscore the long-standing collaboration between VideoRay and Greensea and their commitment to provide accelerated technology to the defense and commercial industries.

Kinnaman continues, “Technological advances and innovations such as this are only possible where robot manufacturers have selected OPENSEA’s open architecture software framework. This software platform allows collaboration between manufacturers and software designers to create today’s solutions for tomorrow’s challenges.”

Scot Bentley, VideoRay CEO commented. “A key reason for the success of the VideoRay Defender is our use of Greensea software. Their software engineers respond to ever-changing requirements, and the recent EOD Workspace 6.3 upgrade is an example of this. We look forward to working together with the Greensea team to maintain the superiority of the Defender for the most demanding missions.”

Greensea has been providing the control, navigation, autonomy, and user interface which are built on OPENSEA®, Greensea’s open architecture software platform for ocean robotics, to VideoRay since 2016.