Elon Musk to speak at ONS – the energy meeting place

Source: press release, 30 March 2022

Conference moderator Nisha Pillai with Elon Musk during his visit to ONS in 2014
Conference moderator Nisha Pillai with Elon Musk during his visit to ONS in 2014 (photo: ONS)

Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla and CEO/Founder of SpaceX – is coming to ONS in Stavanger. His current efforts with satellite communication systems in Ukraine and his very insightful thoughts on the energy industry will set the stage for a unique and timely energy conference.

“The world could be powered many times over if you had enough battery capacity to pair with it. Many times over. The amount of energy reaching the earth form the sun is tremendous,” said Musk during his visit to ONS in 2014. His predictions on the importance of solar power, batteries and the depletion of fossil resources have in many ways proven true.

More recently, Musk’s effort with the Starlight satellite system in Ukraine has brought topics such as satellite communications and energy security to the very top of the global agenda.

New energy situation
Batteries, solar energy and other low carbon and renewable energy sources will be presented and discussed at ONS 2022 – but not disconnected from the energy security situation and the work to reduce dependence on Russian gas.

At ONS 2014, Musk warned the oil and gas industry of the depleted fossil resources, saying that companies focusing only on fossil fuels can be compared to being in a room that’s slowly running out of oxygen. But after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the changes in the European energy market, he tweeted the following:

“Hate to say it, but we need to increase oil & gas output immediately.”

Musk will share his thoughts at the opening session of the ONS Conference 29 August in Stavanger.

Watch the Elon Musk interview from 2014 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZsVxSDB7NY

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