Nel receives purchase orders H2Station™ hydrogen fuelling modules

Source: press releases, 1 April 2022

H2Station™ – compression and fast fuelling of hydrogen
H2Station™ – compression and fast fuelling of hydrogen (illustration: Nel ASA)

Nel Hydrogen Fueling, a subsidiary of Nel ASA, has received an additional order from Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corporation (HTEC) for one H2Station™ hydrogen fuelling module which will be used to fuel zero emission light- and heavy-duty vehicles in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

“We are delighted to be chosen by HTEC once again as supplier for its hydrogen fueling solutions. HTEC is a market leader in clean hydrogen infrastructure solutions in North America, with 17 hydrogen fuelling stations in operation or development in BC, Alberta, Quebec, and California. We are therefore extremely pleased to be considered as a preferred supplier. We look forward to support HTEC with the continued deployment of the hydrogen fuelling coverage and facilitating the transition towards zero emission transport in Canada,” says Eddy Nupoort, Director of Sales, and Business Development in North America for Nel Hydrogen Inc.

The combined value of the purchase orders is approximately USD 1.5 million. The hydrogen fuelling station (H2Station™) will serve light- and heavy-duty vehicles in the British Columbia region, Canada, and are scheduled to be operational during 2023.

“This project will build on our existing collaboration between HTEC and Nel, by expanding the HTEC network of hydrogen fuelling stations in Canada. Adding an additional three stations in British Columbia solidifies HTEC’s position as the leading provider of hydrogen fuelling solutions in the country. We are pleased to have signed these contracts with Nel. These robust and state-of-the-art hydrogen stations allows us to refuel hydrogen vehicles in a safe, fast, and reliable way. Nel has extensive experience within hydrogen fuelling technologies, and we are looking forward proceeding with our collaboration, as we build our hydrogen refuelling station network in support of the Canadian hydrogen efforts,” says Patric Ouellette, VP Infrastructure for HTEC.

In addition, a purchase order for one H2Station™ hydrogen fuelling station has been received from Biproraf, belonging to Grupa Technologiczna ASE. The unit will be used to fuel both light- and heavy-duty vehicles (FCEV) and forklifts in Poland.

Biproraf, who provides safe technologies and solutions for industry and economic infrastructure, and specialises in the design, supervision and construction of installations and facilities, will perform all the EPC work related to the project.

“We are pleased to be chosen by Biproraf to be the supplier of their first H2Station™ and we look forward to support Biproraf with this project,” says Lis Gammelgaard, Regional Sales Manager at Nel Hydrogen Fueling.

The H2Station™ module, consisting of one station module and two dispensers, is a robust and state-of-the-art hydrogen fueling station which allows to refuel light-duty vehicles in less than five minutes and heavy-duty vehicles in less than twenty minutes in a safe, fast, and reliable way.