The world’s most popular sustainable businesses, according to Google

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Uswitch examines which B Corp certified businesses are the most searched for around the world (photo: iStock)
Uswitch examines which B Corp certified businesses are the most searched for around the world (photo: iStock)

To celebrate B Corp Month 2022, green energy experts at Uswitch reveal which B Corp certified businesses are the most searched for around the world and which countries have the most sustainable businesses.

  • Moodle, the online educational platform created for distance learning, comes top with over 53.5 million annual global searches.
  • Coursera, the open online course provider working for universities, is the second most searched for, followed by shoe brand TOMS.
  • America is home to the most B Corp businesses followed by the UK, Canada, Australia, and then Brazil.

New research by green energy experts, Uswitch has revealed Moodle, an online educational platform designed for distance learning, is the world’s most popular B Corp business, followed by Coursera and TOMS.

B Corp certification is awarded to businesses that meet the highest standards of accountability when it comes to their social and environmental impact, and there are now almost 5,000 B Corp businesses officially achieving B Corp Certification in the world.

The most searched for sustainable brands
The social and environmental impact of the products we buy, and the companies we buy them from, is now more important than ever to consumers. So, to discover which sustainable businesses are the most well-known around the world, researchers analysed Google search data, to reveal which ones consumers are Googling the most.

Moodle tops the list with over 53.5 million global searches each year. The Australian-based company is hailed as the world’s most popular learning management system and was crucial throughout the pandemic when classrooms were closed.

Coursera, the open online course provider that works with universities to offer qualifications, is second on the list with 35.9 million global annual searches, followed by the sustainable shoewear brand TOMS in third place, receiving over 14.9 million searches every year.

Popular brands such as premium ice-cream manufacturers Ben & Jerry’s and the world’s first carbon-neutral brewery BrewDog also appear in the top 15 most popular B Corp businesses list, ranking in seventh and 15th place respectively.

Top 15 most popular B Corps
Top 15 most popular B Corps

The most searched for sustainable food and drink brands
The research also looked at food and drinks organisations that have been recognised by B Corp – it reveals the American ice-cream manufacturer, Ben & Jerry’s, is the most popular sustainable food and drink brand in the world with over 10.2 million searches every year.

Scottish-founded BrewDog is the second most popular food and drinks B Corp business, with 4,688,000 searches every year, followed by Thrive Market, the membership-based retailer selling purely organic and natural food products, in third place.

The top five is made up of two subscription services; the UK-based meat delivery company ButcherBox is fourth, and Gousto is fifth with over 2.4 million searches.

Top 10 most popular food and drink B Corps
Top 10 most popular food and drink B Corps

The countries with the most B Corp certified businesses
From Australia to Zambia, there are B Corp certified businesses all over the world, and the research also reveals the countries with the most certified B Corps. The United States takes the top spot, with 1,418 in total, followed by the United Kingdom with 590, and then Canada with 323.

Although it might not be a surprise that the USA is on top given the size of the country, it is worth noting that the process to become recognised by B Corp and receive the certification is very tough and incredibly thorough, so it’s only handed out to organisations who really are making a difference.

Top 10 countries with the most certified B Corps
Top 10 countries with the most certified B Corps

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Using official B Corp data each organisation’s name was run through Google Adwords to reveal which ones were searched for the most (between 1 February 2021 – 31 January 2022). Uswitch then ranked the companies from highest to lowest annual search volume.

The overall rankings list was used to create the most-searched lists for food and drink, and travel and leisure.

Any businesses with generic names, for example: Library, Nude, Manifesto, Bear etc. were discounted from the research because it was unlikely the search volume would only have been related to that business.

Using the official B Corp data list, Uswitch calculated how many businesses were located in each country that were currently certified. All brands that had been decertified were not included.

Data correct March 2022.