Cooperation aims to become the leading plastic upstream player in the Nordics

Source: press release, 4 April 2022

The Quantafuel sorting line in Kristiansund, Norway
The Quantafuel sorting line in Kristiansund, Norway (photo: Quantafuel)

The plastic recycling company Quantafuel and resource management company Geminor have entered into a cooperation for the supply and treatment of up to 30,000 tonnes of plastic waste annually. The sourced plastic waste will be recycled at Quantafuel’s mechanical and chemical recycling plant in Kristiansund, Norway.

The cooperation for the supply of plastic waste for recycling at Quantafuel’s facility in Kristiansund came into effect this month. Quantafuel’s sorting and treatment capacity, combined with Geminor’s tracking, logistics and waste expertise, will lead to a considerable increase in the recycling of plastics in the Nordics. The feedstock made from plastic waste in Kristiansund will be shipped to the Norwegian and international markets for the production of new plastic products.

The supply of waste plastic to Kristiansund is a sustainable option for waste producers in Norway says Geminor’s Country Manager in Norway, Kjetil Hausken.

“In practice, we are extending the sourcing arm of Quantafuel in Kristiansund, adding our logistics services and waste expertise to this production. We will secure the supply of up to 30 000 tons of solid waste plastic from all over Norway, which for the most part will be treated and refined into raw material for the production of new plastic products,” says Hausken.

“By turning the plastic waste into feedstock for recycling, and at the same time reducing plastic contents in Refused Derived Fuel and other secondary fuels, we create sustainable products from waste in accordance with the EU’s circular economy requirements. With this cooperation, Geminor increases its presence in the value chain of upstream plastic recycling,” says Hausken.

The Kristiansund facility can recover a high percentage of plastic waste received, explains Quantafuel’s VP Business Development, Håkon Thomas Olsen.

“Plastic that cannot be mechanically recycled will be chemically recycled at the plant’s pyrolysis production centre. Plastic that cannot be used here will be utilised for the production of district heating, electricity and cement.”

Will provide sustainable plastic feedstock
Quantafuel’s Upstream department and Geminor’s Account Management Team Norway recently met in Kristiansund to finalise a joint plan on how to progress in the Norwegian market.

The plan is to provide considerable volumes of sustainable plastic feedstock to a growing circular economy in Europe. Together, Geminor and Quantafuel aim to become the leading plastic upstream player in Norway and the rest of the Nordics.

“This marks a new chapter in the cooperation between Quantafuel and Geminor. The ambition is to grow this relationship beyond Norway and soon cover Denmark and other expansion areas for both companies. We are delighted to see synergies being extracted between our companies,” says Kjetil Hausken.

“Longer term, we believe that the combination of the strong position Geminor has in the waste management business, and our position in both chemical and mechanical recycling business, will benefit municipalities, communities and not least the environment,” concludes Håkon Thomas Olsen, Quantafuel’s VP Business Development.