Better advice and sales with Eturnity

Source: press release, 7 April 2022

Eturnity Emobility configurator
Eturnity Emobility configurator (photo: Eturnity)

Eturnity’s smart software simplifies planning and consulting for photovoltaic systems, heating systems and e-charging stations.

The demand for renewable energies and e-mobility continues unabated. With Eturnity, installation companies and municipal utilities can optimise their consulting and sales processes. A new feature to the software is the E-Mobility Configurator. With the web tool, customers can quickly and easily put together a quote for the installation of an electric car charging station.

Smart software for consulting, planning and sales
Many businesses still rely on conventional processes for consulting, planning and selling photovoltaic systems and heating systems. That means extensive consultations and individual quotations that are created anew each time. However, this results in a lot of time being lost, which consultants or tradesmen then no longer have for other customers.

Eturnity AG offers a more effective solution with its smart software for consulting and selling solar systems, heating systems and e-charging stations. With these, installation companies and municipal utilities have a time savings of up to 80%, better closing rates and a more satisfied end customer.

Less effort thanks to automation
The idea behind the software is to automate upstream processes. In concrete terms, this means that Eturnity’s software provides support in lead capturing, lead management, planning, consulting and quoting. On the one hand, this enables providers to minimise their efforts, and on the other hand, end customers also gain a simple understanding of the costs, benefits and implementation of their projects.

“We started in 2015 with software for consulting and selling photovoltaic systems,” says Eturnity CEO, Matthias Wiget. “This was followed by solutions for the heating industry and, most recently, on the topic of e-mobility.”

Flexible configuration to suit the target group
Especially in the area of e-mobility, there is currently an increasing interest and the waiting times for electric vehicles are often many months. As a result, the demand for charging stations is also growing. However, interested parties want to be addressed in different ways. This is because customers look for different solutions depending on their living situation. After all, a homeowner has different requirements than a tenant in an apartment building with underground parking.

Eturnity responds flexibly to these different requirements with its E-Mobility configurator – and, thus, appropriately to the respective target group. “The web tool can even be used to configure very complex technical products that would otherwise typically be put together by a technical office staff,” adds Philipp Eisenring, CTO and Head of Product at Eturnity.

On the other hand, the configurator is attractive for salespeople and consultants because it is quickly ready for use in the basic version. They can obtain the web tool modularly and flexibly align it to their needs and the requirements of their customers.

In the course of the year, the configurator will be further improved. In addition, Eturnity also plans to improve calculations on how to cover a specific usage pattern with PV generation. In the future, for example, it will be possible to specify in the simulation which vehicle is driven and how often.