April 2022 Rig Counts from Baker Hughes

Source: press release, 6 May 2022

International rig counts from Baker Hughes
Baker Hughes has issued rig counts as a service to the petroleum industry since 1944, when Hughes Tool Company began weekly counts of the US and Canadian drilling activity (photo: Baker Hughes)

Baker Hughes has posted its monthly International Rig Count reports.

International Rig Count is down 9 rigs from last month to 806 with land rigs down 6 to 615, offshore rigs down 3 to 191.

International Rig Count is up 111 rigs from last year’s count of 695, with land rigs up 85, offshore rigs up 26.

The average US Rig Count for April was 690 up 29 from last month’s count of 661 and up 254 year-over-year.

The average Canada Rig Count for April was 107 down 78 from last month’s count of 185 and up 49 year-over-year.

The Worldwide Rig Count for April was 1,603, down 58 from the 1,661 counted in March 2022, and up 414 from the 1,189 counted in April 2021.

Additional detailed information on the Baker Hughes rig counts is available here.