Top eco wedding trends 2022 revealed by Google data

Source: press release, 25 May 2022

The biggest trend is in-season wedding flowers which have seen a 200% rise in Google searches in the last 12 months (photo:
The biggest trend is in-season wedding flowers which have seen a 200% rise in Google searches in the last 12 months (photo:

A new study by wedding finance experts at has revealed the biggest eco wedding trends for the year ahead, proving that in-season flowers come out on top.

By analysing Google search data from the last 2 years, the wedding finance experts at compared the year-on-year difference in searches for various eco wedding trends to reveal the top trending. With a 200% rise in searches, it is in-season flowers that come out on top. Many bouquets are created using flowers that brides would prefer such as peonies, lilies, and dahlias; however, this often means importing them from hundreds of miles away when you could use locally sourced and in-season flowers.

The second-biggest eco-trend on the list is renting bridesmaid dresses which have spiked by 181% compared to the following year, and interestingly, renting wedding dresses is the third on the list seeing +89% more searches. The fashion rental scheme is a great way to avoid purchasing and disposing of a dress that is only worn once and instead gives a dress multiple lives.

Moissanite engagement rings are fourth on the list of eco wedding trends in 2022 with a +83% increase. The discussion of moissanite stones has been made ever more popular thanks to a viral TikTok video which explains how much more ethically they are sourced than diamonds and shows how similar the two stones look when side-by-side.

Rounding off the top five is sustainable wedding favours which have gone up by 75% by those trying to make their weddings less wasteful, followed by leaf confetti and sustainable wedding venues. Completing the top 10 list petal confetti, renting wedding linen and second-hand wedding dresses.

Top 10 Eco Wedding Trends

Rank Eco Wedding Trend Year-on-Year Change (%)
1 In-season wedding flowers 200
2 Rent bridesmaid dress 181
3 Rent wedding dress 89
4 Moissanite engagement ring 83
5 Sustainable wedding favours 75
6 Leaf confetti 53
7 Sustainable wedding venue 50
8 Petal confetti 39
9 Rent wedding linen 33
10 Second-hand wedding dress 22

Using Google Keyword Planner we searched for a variety of terms for the last 12 months and compared that to the previous 12 months to reveal the themes, dresses, decor and destinations with the greatest percentage increase in searches. They were ranked from highest to lowest to reveal the top trends.