Kongsberg Digital parnters with Metis Cyberspace Technology to integrate metis to Kognifai Marketplace

Source: press release, 7 June 2022

METIS data analysis platform has been added to the Kognifai Marketplace
METIS data analysis platform has been added to the Kognifai Marketplace (illustration: KDI/Metis Cyberspace Technology)

Kongsberg Digital (KDI) has announced the signing of a new partnership with Metis Cyberspace Technology. By adding the METIS data analysis platform to the Kognifai Marketplace, fleet operators can monitor operations in real time and optimise vessel performance, reducing emissions and costs.

METIS is a cloud-based, data analysis platform which offers real-time vessel monitoring, performance analysis and evaluation as well as predictive insights for the whole fleet. The METIS platform will also be available through Kongsberg Digital´s vessel-to-cloud data infrastructure Vessel Insight, and the Kognifai Marketplace where customers have access to a wide range of powerful applications to meet their specific needs of data analysis, reporting and monitoring to optimise operations.

The architecture of the METIS platform allows clients to integrate data from all available sources and select from the extensive METIS portfolio of digital ship performance solutions the ones that best fit their needs. There is no need to install additional hardware on board.

All applications on the Kognifai Marketplace are supported by Kongsberg Digital’s Vessel Insight secure data infrastructure. Vessel Insight is delivered as a subscription-based service, which means there is no need for large up-front investments and costly updates, and is a non-stop shop for digitalisation of the maritime sector.

“We are very happy to announce this new partnership with METIS Cyberspace Technology. The company uses advanced technology and high-end expertise to innovate and digitalise the maritime industries, and with METIS as part of the Kognifai Marketplace, customers now have an even greater choice to find the best suited solution to unlock value from their data,” says Kim Evanger, Vice President Maritime Partnerships at Kongsberg Digital.

Using real-time analytics based on artificial intelligence, METIS continuously analyses fuel consumption, hull fouling, emissions and route costs. It offers voyage analyses to match performance against the requirements of regulators, charter parties or even investors while at the same time reducing operational costs.

“This is an exciting new partnership which brings together two innovators committed to reaping the full rewards which digitalisation and artificial intelligence offer shipping. Working with the data gathered by KDI, METIS offers clients the actionable solutions they need to achieve higher performance and lower carbon emissions, in a hassle-free, safe and certified way,” says Andreas Symeonidis, Marketing and Partner Relations Manager at METIS Cyberspace Technology.