Boom in demand for zero-emission commercial vehicles at the municipal level

Source: press release, 10 June 2022

The QUANTRON QHB 27-280 is based on the Mercedes-Benz Econic
The QUANTRON QHB 27-280 is based on the Mercedes-Benz Econic (photo: Quantron AG)

Quantron AG, specialist in battery and hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles, was an exhibitor at IFAT 2022 in Munich. IFAT is the largest platform worldwide for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management with around 120,0000 visitors and 3,000 exhibitors from 155 countries. During the 4 days of the trade fair, Quantron AG received various orders for new zero-emission vehicles and numerous enquiries about converting existing diesel commercial vehicles to electric drives, primarily from municipal companies.

The demand from the companies focused on all-electric vehicles from the heavy-duty segment, e.g., refuse collection vehicles such as the QUANTRON QHB 27-280 as well as light and medium-duty transporters both equipped with hydrogen fuel cell technology, realised with the exhibited QUANTRON QLI FCEV, and battery-electric driven as with the QUANTRON QARGO 4 EV.

“It is clearly noticeable that municipal companies in particular feel the pressure to act and now want to convert their fleets to be emission-free,” says Reiner Dellori, Chief Product Advisor at Quantron AG. “The problem for many companies is the implementation of the EU Clean Vehicles Directive on the one hand, with rising operating costs for diesel-powered vehicles and the inability of established manufacturers to deliver on the other. In contrast, QUANTRON is able to deliver suitable vehicles within only a few months.”

As a result, QUANTRON was able to sell additional battery-electric operated QUANTRON QARGO 4 EV Light Transporters at the fair. The vehicle was launched at the end of April 2022 and ideally suited for sustainable transportation tasks in inner-city areas and for last-mile deliveries. Fully electric refuse collection trucks in particular are of great interest to local authorities. With the QUANTRON QHB 27-280, which is based on the Mercedes-Benz Econic, QUANTRON is producing a vehicle that is particularly pleasant for residents and vehicle personnel alike thanks to its emission-free and low-noise mode of operation. Featuring a battery capacity of 280 kWh, the refuse collection truck effortlessly manages a complete shift and can simply be charged overnight for everyday use.

Furthermore, QUANTRON was also able to inspire customers regarding its hydrogen-powered vehicles. The QUANTRON QLI FCEV Light Transporter, based on the Iveco Daily, was developed in close cooperation with QUANTRON partner and fuel cell expert, AE Driven Solutions. The tremendous interest shown by trade fair visitors in the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle demonstrates that municipal companies are very open-minded when it comes to the innovative energy source.

Together with its partner, Ballard Power Systems, QUANTRON is working on the development of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the heavy sector. The first vehicle of the joint hydrogen offensive will be presented at the IAA Transportation Fair in September 2022.