ProSep secures first AIM application in heavy hydrocarbon separation unit of an LNG facility

Source: press release, 14 June 2022

ProSep’s CTO, John Sabey
ProSep’s CTO, John Sabey (photo: ProSep)

Global provider of environmentally friendly solutions, ProSep, has secured its first contract for its Annular Injection Mixer (AIM) within an LNG facility with globally recognised engineering, construction, and project management company, Bechtel, along with an international production and LNG company providing additional validation to its technology.

The project will take place onshore on the Pluto Train 2 Project. Pluto Train 2 is the expansion of a second LNG train at the existing Pluto LNG onshore facility. Pluto Train 2 will process Scarborough gas and have an LNG capacity of ~5 million tonnes per annum. As part of the construction of Pluto Train 2, additional domestic gas infrastructure will be installed to increase capacity to ~225 Terajoules per day.

This is the second major contract win for ProSep in the region this year after securing a water treatment contract with an American multinational corporation on the Scarborough production facility with its OSORB Media Systems (OMS).

ProSep has been working with Bechtel for 3 years and prior to securing this current scope of work the technology was vetted over a 2-year period.

Named Best Gas Processing/LNG Technology at last years’ Hydrocarbon Processing awards, ProSep’s AIM high efficiency mixer achieves efficient mixing of injected fluid with multiphase, gaseous or liquid dominant flows with a low pressure drop over the operating range.

John Sabey, ProSep’s CTO says, “the securing of this project is a key win for ProSep and the technology. This project is the fifth one we have received for LNG feed gas conditioning and testament to our drive to diversify our markets and expand the application of the injection, mixing technology to additional processes. This project is a key step in achieving that goal – having a globally recognised EPC select the AIM technology for this key LNG operation, the first one inside an LNG facility – should lead to future orders for this process solution. And, we believe, open additional application opportunities, in the LNG and other markets.”

ProSep, are committed to providing environmentally responsive solutions to the market that can help our clients meet their ESG targets and values and has a long track record of proven results of reducing chemicals and clean water. ProSep continue to offer solutions of process efficiency products including proprietary high-efficiency mixers and produced water treatment technologies.

Established in 2005, ProSep has continued to build on innovative solutions to assist global industries lower their chemical and water consumption, clean their water, and reduce their Greenhouse gas emissions footprint.