Seaway 7 signs letter of exclusivity for East Anglia THREE offshore wind farm

Source: press release, 16 June 2022

photo: Subsea 7
photo: Subsea 7

Seaway 7 part of the Subsea 7 Group, has announced that it has signed a letter of exclusivity, and is finalising a preferred bidder supply chain agreement, with ScottishPower Renewables for the East Anglia THREE offshore wind project.

East Anglia THREE is located approximately 70 kilometres from shore in the Southern North Sea and is one of the three consented offshore wind farm developments that form the East Anglia Hub, planned by ScottishPower Renewables. East Anglia THREE will contribute approximately 1,400 MW of a potential 3,000 MW of renewable energy generation capacity at East Anglia Hub.

Seaway 7’s scope of work would include the transport and installation of 95 monopile foundations, associated seabed preparation and scour protection along with the engineering, supply and installation of the inner-array cables.

Execution of the scope would be led from Seaway 7’s Aberdeen office. The project is expected to commence in 2022 with offshore work scheduled for 2024, subject to East Anglia THREE securing a final investment decision (FID) by ScottishPower Renewables.

The value of the contract will only be recognised by Seaway 7 in the order backlog after FID and would represent a very large project award.

Stuart Fitzgerald, CEO Seaway 7, says, “We are pleased to support ScottishPower Renewables to progress the East Anglia THREE project. Seaway 7 is looking forward to bringing over 10 years of offshore wind experience to one of the world’s largest offshore wind complexes, representing a significant contribution to the UK’s renewable target.”

Note: Subsea 7 and Seaway 7 define a very large contract as being between USD 500 million and USD 750 million.