Stratagraph acquires Drillogic Inc. and launches new unmanned gas detection division

Source: press release, 20 June 2022

illustration: Stratagraph
illustration: Stratagraph

Stratagraph, provider of geological services to the oil and gas industry for over 60 years, has announced its acquisition of the unmanned gas detection company, Drillogic. The purchase adds over 50 unmanned gas detection units to the organisation and strengthens Stratagraph’s overall portfolio allowing the company to provide a full array of services to clients in a customisable format. The launch of this new segment of the business complements the existing list of amenities provided by Stratagraph, including wellsite geology, geosteering, geochemistry, production/completion chemicals, and more.

Since 1972, the Drillogic company has conceived, developed, designed, and manufactured different gas detection systems, including chromatograph systems, unmanned ROP systems, unmanned gas systems, NDIR systems, and more. Drillogic was the first company to introduce NDIR gas detection to the South Louisiana oil industry. Now, Stratagraph has announced the acquisition of the unmanned gas detection company, which will now be marketed under the name Drill Logic Systems. Original Drillogic, Inc. founder Don Lejeune will be remaining with the new division to combine the knowledge and experience of the two companies and ensure the success of both Drill Logic Systems and Stratagraph, Inc. for many more years to come.

William Hagan, Stratagraph’s Chief Executive Officer, says, “Acquiring Drillogic is an important transaction aligning perfectly with our growth strategy. Similar to the acquisition of TDS, Drillogic increases our regional footprint and enhances our financial portfolio. Additionally, the introduction of Drill Logic Systems provides us with the ability to expand our services to new clients and new areas throughout the US market.”

Ashby Pettigrew, President of Stratagraph states, “We continue to strengthen the Stratagraph’s services by diversifying and increasing our scope of products available to our existing and new customers. The inauguration of Drill Logic Systems allows Stratagraph to provide an entry-level gas detection system which can be paired with our current services, including on-demand sample catching, to provide a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced geological services.”