IMCA report highlights risks should Senate pass US crewing legislation

Source: press release, 29 June 2022

Allen Leatt, IMCA Chief Executive
Allen Leatt, IMCA Chief Executive (photo: IMCA)

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published a Global Specialist Offshore Support Vessel Market Overview report highlighting the risks to the U.S. offshore energy industry, should the crewing legislation, referred to as the American Offshore Workers Fairness Act, be passed into law by the U.S. Senate.

Allen Leatt, IMCA’s CEO, explains, “Increasing demand for the development of offshore energy sources is clear for all to see, in both the offshore wind and offshore oil and gas industries. The international fleet of construction vessels and their crew will be essential to meet national energy goals and the proposed crewing legislation will severely degrade the pace of development in the US.”

“This message is amply reinforced by the American Clean Power (ACP) Association in their recent letter signed by 25 CEOs from the offshore wind industry in the US, and an economic study recently published by the American Petroleum Institute (API) called The Economic Impacts of Changes to Vessel Crewing Requirements on the Offshore Energy Industry,” Leatt adds.